Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Lesson in Forgiveness!

I think God uses our kids to teach us so much. I'm honestly cracking up (inside) at my two crazy kids and their crazy friendship. So this morning they walk up to me looking as you see in the picture with my camera in hand and want me to go outside and take pictures of them together. They had the pose in mind and all I had to do was snap. What is funny about this is that about an hour earlier I had to break up a bathtime brawl that surely would have ended with a death. From what I gather Kenyon dumped the shampoo in the water to make bubbles and Avery was punishing him for his sins (dad makes it very clear that wasting shampoo is about as bad as it gets). It's amazing to me how much these two go at it and then are best friends. Every day it goes like this...huge fight, best friends, Avery screaming and Kenyon has scratch marks all over, back to best friends, now Avery has a bite mark and Kenyon is saying it's her fault and so the cycle continues day after dady. Now I'm not saying that I think I should treat people, especially loved ones, like that but if only I could forgive so easily. After a couple spankings and a prayer I usually ask them to apologize and instantlly they will always hug, kiss, say sorry and run off together reunited as best friends. If only I could get over the dumbest things so easily (let alone if someone beat me up on a daily basis) and always see people as the blessing they are in my life even if they hurt me because I'm sure I've hurt them too.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Blogging Season Begins (in my life)

I've so enjoyed my sister-in-laws blogging and getting to see updates on all they have going on that I've given in and decided to enter this world as well. I guess the fact that I've been super sick and in bed for a few weeks has helped too. I'm so bored!