Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Daddy Adventures #1 - Lost Lake

Due to the recent realization that I will never be an outdoorsy kind of lady (no matter how hard I try) and that I tend to ruin trips to nature that the kids would otherwise LOVE (as well as my husband) we have come to the conclusion that 1 or 2 times a month the kids get to have a "Daddy Adventure". We marked it on the calendar as such and when the 1st one came dad told them what to wear, dad packed a picnic and dad went on a 2 hour drive to go explore some lake he had heard of. All the while mom stayed clean, didn't have to fight to defend herself from vicious bugs and was nice and cool in her air conditioned home! The kids had a blast, I got stuff done, Adia gets to practice photography skills, Kyle and I didn't fight and when they come home they get to relive the day all over when they share with me and show me all the cool pictures. Here are some of the highlights of our wonderful new idea!

What a perfect way to explore nature. The kids were so proud of themselves and loved telling me how much I would have been scared of the car ride (and how mad at dad I would have been), freaked out by the snake, I wouldn't have been daring enough to climb out on the rocks and I LOVED nodding my head in agreement and making them think I am beyond impressed with the ADVENTUROUS spirit all of them have!
Thanks for going without me guys! I can't wait for the the next one!