Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Miracles Really Happen!

This past weekend Kyle and I got away (yet again) to go to our good friend Brad Barttels (Kyle's best man at our wedding) wedding. Somehow he met this beautiful girl named Lindsey got her to fall in love and even marry him - it's truly a miracle. Here are a lot of pictures from our trip... we know there are a few of you that would loved to have been there. So now you can experience the whole weekend with us - kind of.
Kyle met up with all the guys on Thursday night for the bachelor party - pizza and root beer at Brad's house. Oh these boys are wild! Then together we met up at TK Burgers for lunch on Friday. I can not tell you how good it was to see them again. So many good memories!

Dave, Brad, Kyle and Andrew!
Here we are following Brad, Andrew and Beth to Brads house to hang out until the rehearsal dinner.

They had an awesome dinner with family and close friends the night before the wedding.

The Bride and Groom to be!
Here is Brad and his mom cutting the cake!Brad's brothers Trevor, Chad, Tyler and Tyler's girlfriend. They got old huh?

Here is Linda wearing the teeth Brad sported at my wedding.

Kyle and I ready for another night out!

Brad and Kyle... so cute!

Brad's parents with the beautiful couple!

Pretty Carrot Cake.

Go Lindsey!

They seriously looked so in love and SO HAPPY together.
We are THRILLED for them!
And of course Andrew pulled out the video camera and got some great film.
And I can't mention my weekend and not add that I got to stay with one of my bestest friends - Kristen and her beautiful baby Taylor (oh and Mike too). Thank you so much Kristen and Mike for letting us crash at your pad... we had so much fun with you.

Are her eyes for real???

She sure loved my camera!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Just to clarify the whole "fence training" comment from a couple posts ago....

We were all in the backyard having fun when I realized all 5 of the kids are playing on the play structure and I wanted a picture. My kids all (except Kaden) love having their picture taken and think they can pose photos really well. After the slide picture the big girls climb on the fence and ask me to put Adison up there to take a picture with them. Then, of course, Kenyon jumps up and wants Kaden up there too. So we give in and kyle holds Kaden's hand so we can get a picture. Then, because we are kind of weird and Kenyon really could climb the fence when he was barely 2, I thought it would be funny to have a picture of them up there together.

Kaden was only on the fence for less than a minute - there was no training and it was just for a picture my son really wanted. So yes, we are kind of crazy, but not that crazy!

And if you want to know why I am doing this it is because my retarded sister really believed that I was putting him up there to teach him how to walk on a fence and she was annoyed with me... come on Stacey! Are we really that bad??? Wait - please don't answer that!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our Soccer Star

Well, soccer season just ended and I must admit I am going to miss watching my little super star in action. I know bragging is rude but honestly Avery improved so much this season and it was so much fun to watch her out there. She works so hard and is a defensive machine! Her coach told me on several occasions how impressed he was by her good attitude, her hard work and her MAD SKILLS (okay, maybe not in those exact words but close). Here are a few pictures of our CHAMP. She is sweet as pie but don't cross her because she has the will to kill and on the field she is CRAZY!!!!

Here is a hug from her 2nd biggest fan at the end of one awesome season.
And of course her teams name was an absolute perfect fit.

Here is her team at the last game of the season.

Oh wait. Did I mention the season was over but she was asked to play on the All Star team?
Well, she was and they played so good and were undefeated!

Way to go Avery!