Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Baby Kaden is 2!

Kaden John is 2!
(Oh no!)

Talking - not too much. he can say a bit but chooses to keep his words to himself.

Favorite Activities - his all time favorite is riding his razor followed by a close second which is swinging. Whenever we go anywhere with his scooter he draws a crowd by how good at it he is. In fact last weekend some man we don't know was snapping pictures of him on the razor and later came up and quized me about him.

Potty Training - We began it a bit ago due to the fact that Kaden takes off his own poopy diapers at times and even tries to flush them but we quickly learned it is more work than I am willing to give it right now.

Favorite People - He is such a mommies boy right now and I LOVE it! He thinks his brother is the funniest person ever. He adores his dad, Adia and Avery and if I'm not there will let any of them rock him to sleep or kiss his wounds. And as for him and Adison. Well he doesn't enjoy her constant mothering but they are the best of buddies a bit of the time! :)

Foods: Kaden is proving to be a spoiled little baby and can be very picky at times. Peanut butter trails are all over my house right now becasuse of his obsession with it. Other than that pasta, sugar anything, cheese, cereal and pizza seem to be his favorites!

Sleeping: Well he has been in a big boy bed for some time now. He takes his naps and goes to bed well but about 99% of the time he ends up cuddling with mom by 3am. I don't have the heart to send him back because he is my last baby and he's the last one I get to do this with.

Here he is with his favorite bday gift this year!

I'm including this picture because it shows him outside where he is happiest, you can see his razor on the edge of the lawn and his favorite little ducks who we have spent the last month raising.

You can see the joy this swing brings him every single day! Sometimes for hours!

And here he is crying because he snapped himself with the hat.

Happy Birthday KJB!

Mommy Loves you so much!

Avery Taylor is 7!

This precious little baby turned 7 last week!

As usual trying to write my feelings as of now is too much emotionally so I will steal from her journal. Below was written with love on April 21, 200

Avery Taylor
A piece of heaven, a glimpse of God's love,
a beautiful daughter sent to me from above!

Watching you develop this 1st year of your life
has been so rewarding & exciting to see!
Personality plus is what you are. Your a bundle of joy
and the definition of the phrase "ball of energy".

You started crawling way too soon
& walked before the books say you should.
Everything so far has been at high speed
just like we should have known that it would.

I've watched you get mad so many times
& bang your sweet head on the floor.
You cry every time daddy leaves to go to work
Oh, the sadness you feel over a closed door!

Those 2 front teeth that stick out of your gums
& that wonderful pucker face I just adore.
The way you bounce on your sisters bed
& that squill you release as a sign of pure joy!

I've enjoyed watching you climb on everything
even though all you hear me say is "Avery no".
The stairs just outside and the stool in the kitchen
even the ladder to Adia's bed that finally had to go.

Those are some of the things I enjoyed seeing this year
and why I'm so entertained by the challenge of you.
You've brought so me so much joy and are such a precious gift
I can't to see what Avery my 1 year old will learn to do!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!
Mommy loves you more than you know!

Here are a few pictures of the Avery I was writing about...

at birth...

Meeting big sister...

Ready to go home...

Hanging out with dad...

Climbing on her favorite piece of furniture...

Time sure flies! Here she is with her 1st baby brother!

And here she is now... my little girl is getting so big!

(even though you have a crazy temper and some major attitude these days!)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Look What I Got Today

I really like this picture... it shows her personality so well!
I so enjoy being a volleyball mom and look forward to many more years being this little girls biggest fan!