Sunday, May 18, 2008

One AMAZING Family!!!

This is a picture of my AMAZING nephew Tristan (we call him "T"). Last April we found out he had a malignant brain tumor. The cancer was called medulloblastoma and after 9 months of a battle he was said to have killed all the cancer cells. Just last week we found out he relapsed and that it has gotten a lot worse. Please keep T and his family in your prayers. They have showed so much strength in all of this. I'm so thankful T knows the Lord and that his family can truly rely on God for the strength and peace that can only come from Him in times like these.

T I never wanted to be a cheerleader until now. I guess I finally have something so worth routing for. Go T Go!!!! I sure love you T. I'm so happy to be your Aunt and I only wish I could be with you everyday. I love your hugs and your smiles and I can never get enough. Thank you for teaching us grown ups how to be strong and how to trust God even when things get tough. I've learned so much from you and I praise God that he choose me to be your Aunt... how did I get so lucky?

Here is T's amazing mom Allison with her boys. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out. You would be so taken back to hear her faith in God through all she has been through. May God bless you Allison and may His peace that surpasses all understanding pour over you in this time. I'm so proud of you and so thankful to be your sister. Thank you for 6 wonderful nieces and nephews. Also thank you for helping me embrace motherhood to the fullest!

And last but not least is a picture of my big brother and his precious girls. Jr. I love you and know that God is in this. Thank you for being such an amazing father to these kids and for leading them and loving them so well. I look forward to hugging you and being with your family soon. I pray God will hold you up as you try to be strong for your family and that you will also be overwhelmed by the Love of Christ at this time. Know that I love you and my heart is with you every minute of every day.
The Howell Family consist of Jr (old), Allison (not as old), Hailey (almost 13!), Adrian III (11), T (9), Madaline (6), Clara (5) and Presley (21 months). They truly are an amazing family!

Friday, May 2, 2008

3 Kids on Bikes!

Kyle decided to teach Avery to ride her bike with no training wheels. Avery was a bit nervous and when she decided she wanted a break Kenyon said he wanted to try. It was so funny because he literally just took off riding. There was no teaching! He looks so cute on the bike and within a minute he already was holding his feet out to the side saying "look at my tricks mom" then he said "this is how dad rides" and stood up. Obviously seeing her little brother was just the motivation Avery needed and now I have three kids that can ride bikes! Wow... they really are getting big! Oh it was so funny too because Kenyon took a hard fall soon after he started and got a bloody nose. When Kyle grabed him to help stop the bleeding he starts crying "but I want to ride my bike". What a difference this experience was then the hours it took with our Drama Queen (Adia) when we taught her to ride at age 5! So much easier with boys!!! This is the ugly bike Avery picked out for her birthday. She had a barbie bike picked out then when she started looking at this Kenyon said "you can't get that bike, it's for boys" and of course that is all she needed to make her mind up that this bike was the one. I was so annoyed! The big thing sticking up is just a gimmick for old guys who don't want to run leaning over while they teach the kids to ride. I'm so happy we had to return the bike already and we found her a nice blue and white bike with sharks on it. So much better!
Adia being the bike pro that she is decided she would practice on her heelies. She has had these for a while but her mean mom won't let her wear them anywhere so she hasn't had a lot of time to learn all the cool tricks just yet. And here is our little trouble maker enjoying the show! Her crazy hair is due to the fact she just got up from a nap. I swear it looked cute when I did it.