Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I want to be like Jill!

What does Jill have that I want??? Amazing pictures of her family!!!

So since I think I already have a handsome hubby and cute kids (as does Jill)... I figured all I need now is a good camera (like Jill). So now that Kyle finally got me my dream camera (Yeah for husbands who spoil their wives), with a little help deciding what that was from Jill, I am sure to capture some great shots. If I do not then I guess I will just have to accept that when it comes to having an eye for great pictures... Jill and I are just not in the same boat!

So here is what I have done with my new toy (The Nikon D-60) in it's first 24 hours:

at home:

at our picnic today... they need some work but I was playing with things and obviously I didn't know what I was doing.

Things I love about the camera... it takes the pictures super fast, I can edit them on the LCD screen, all the fun options and it has an AUTO setting so I don't need to really learn how to use it.

Things I'm not so thrilled about... you have to look through the little eye hole when capturing a shot, losing the ability to capture the short little videos, it's kind of complicated and it's bigger and that's it!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cowboys and Cowgirls

Adia LOVES horses! She has always been into them and Kyle and I just recently have started encouraging this love of hers. She takes riding lessons at home and has been in a horsemanship/discipleship class for a few months now as well. In fact this Saturday her class is going to a rescue ranch to clean horse poop out of all the stalls... so fun huh? She is actually really excited about it. We used to think this love of horses was just because Papa (Amy's dad) has them but she has finally convinced us this is truly her own desire that she is willing to put a lot of work into. While we were in San Jose this last time we got to see her show off her extremely improved skills and her natural talent with the horses. She was riding all over the property and her posture was amazing as well as her ability and her knowledge of how to care for the animals. I was very impressed (and a bit scared) watching my big baby girl ride a huge horse that you couldn't pay me to ride! She spends morning (6am) until we make her come in at night with the horses while we are there and it cracks me up. She rode around one day for about 7 hours with just a small lunch break. Here are a few pictures of my cowboys and cowgirls... yeah, I don't know how my kids turned out like this either???

It looks like Avery is falling in love with these animals as well and she was so jealous we wouldn't let her out of the round pen without an adult guiding her horse. The big one (KD) in this picture is hers and the little one (Sierra) is KD's baby and that is the horse my dad gave Adia. All the grand kids that show interest get a horse... kind of.

Kenyon likes the horses but more he just enjoys running around in the dirt, climbing the fences and of course going super fast with Papa on the quad.

Adison likes being around the horses but more than the horses she loves Pepper... the little dog.
And we can't have a post that totally excludes the little guy so here is Kaden enjoying the scenery. He sure has a lot to take in all the time! And then when he is exhausted from all the fun he always has loving arms ready to hold him.

Thank you Dad for letting the kids take over your playground while we were in town... I guess all those horses and dirt mean something to me after all! If I have to be around horses you have the perfect setup for me and I am really grateful!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Five is FUN!

This morning Kaden was having some belly time and you should have seen how cute it was with his 4 cheerleaders all on their bellies cheering him on! 4 cute little voices saying "roll over" or "Yeah Kaden". There was also a few "Yeah Adison" since she was showing off that she can roll over too. She is not about to let Kaden steal her show! Anyway... after the production I remembered, one of the many reasons I have always wanted lots of kids is so I could get a picture like the one above. So Cute and So Fun! And below is Adison showing off her stuff and getting in Kaden's way since everyone was looking at him.