Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Grand Canyon - better really late then never!

Okay so this post is about 5 months late but I didn't forget. I think I might try and catch up on some of the bigger highlights I have forgotten. Probably the BIGGEST is the much anticipated Grand Canyon Trip - and by much anticipated I mean Kyle has been on a waiting list for about 16 years for the family to get to do this again. And before I show how wonderful the trip was you all need to know the story behind me NOT being there.

About 11 years ago while we were engaged Kyle took me to dinner and told me he needed me to promise him something. He wouldn't tell me what, he just said there is something very important he wants to do with me and he needs me to promise I will do it before he tells me what it is. After much persuasion I gave in and promised. He then told me his family is on a waiting list to go on the Grand Canyon again (Kyle did this with his family when he was young) and he so badly wants to have that experience with me. After 10 years of marriage and 4 more kids when the time came for the trip he never mentioned me going. One day I said "Maybe I should go too just to see Adia have this experience"... I was quickly told "No. You wouldn't like it and not only would you ruin it for me you would probably ruin it for everyone." So I was uninvited and Adia took my place - WHATEVER!

But I was still SO HAPPY for them to have this opportunity and here are some pictures of the fun they had.

Getting read to go... hair station. Notice there are 2 people working on Adia. :)

Adia and Kyle ready to go!

Finally after years and years of waiting they are ON THE WATER! and they don't get to get off of it for 14 days!!!

The group was Kyle, Adia, his parents, 3 of his sisters (2 brought spouses), 2 brothers and their wives, 1 cousin, 1 nephew and 1 really old guy that is a long time rafting buddy of the family... he has done this trip I think like 30ish times.

Here are the guides - each responsible for one of the boats.

Group shot - when Adia got home she mentioned several times how lucky she is to have such a fun family...
but mostly she mentioned her love of UNCLE TY &

UNCLE BEN who kept her more entertained than the river.

And here she is with her wonderful Grandpa who pulled the whole thing together for everyone for a second time. Our family has so many amazing memories due to this man and his love of travel and water and nature and family!

The fun group again.

Here is what it looks like to set up a kitchen in a canyon.
Even chopping tomatoes is fun in there.

And what would they have done without all the card games???
Shaving is a mandate in our family... I was so proud of her for this picture. Kyle don't me that she probably wouldn't shave the whole time but I knew my girl would and I love that she did!

There is so much I could tell you about the trip and all the cool hikes they went on, the beautiful things they saw, the crazy rapids, the entertaining fights (yep, they are a real family) and more but I will just end with a bunch of adorable father daughter shots. If you can look past my two cuties than you will notice that yes indeed God is a marvelous Creator and his artwork in that canyon is truly awe inspiring. I'm so grateful Kyle and Adia had this opportunity!

The End!