Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Fun

Summer is always so full of fun! This post shows just a bit of what's gone on the past few weeks. We have enjoyed time at...


This is what happens when you are spending all day in your swimsuit... you come in, take it off, don't have the energy to go upstairs and change, so you lay on the school table to watch a movie (netflix on the comp) and then... you just can't keep your eyes open any longer... I love it!

Folsom Aquatic Center
The place is awesome! It has huge pools, little kids areas, high dives, water slides and so much... plus it only cost our entire family $24 to go there! Plus it was an extra treat to have Kristen, Baby Mike and Taylor there with us. Everything is more fun with friends and we are so glad they came with us. Especially since Kristen went in the water with the little ones and I got to hold the baby. :)

If you knew how terrified Kenyon used to be of the water you would realize this is a huge deal
And this is even huger!

Grandpa & Grandma's House

We always have fun at Grandmas house but holidays are even more fun than regular visits. You get to see more family, have more fun and sometimes we even get to spend the night. We had a great 4th of July weekend there and I wish I had more pictures but my flash is broken so I can't take pictures inside (unless it is super well lit) or in the evening.

Notice my son has a 6 pack...

Daddy Adventures

Recentely our family went on an outing to the great outdoors with mom and we were reminded how important it is for us to keep the adventures to dad. So while mom was away with her sister for a weekend Dad took the kids on a much needed Daddy Adventure! I have no idea how Kyle finds these random places and why it is worth it to go them with 5 kids in tow but I am so glad he does. They all had a blast and only 3 people came home with poison oak.

Kyle searched online for cool waterfalls close by and heard about a really cool one... but would he make it with all the kids and return home with all of them as well....

The adventure begins...

And not too long after they took off hiking they found this...

And yes, they all made it home safe and sound and I even came home to a mostly clean home! Way to go dad... you are the best!
And summer, please don't end too soon... we love you!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"Uncle Brad"

Some things never change - and I am so glad! Growing up Kyle had a best friend named Brad. They spent tons of time together (behaving like idiots) and it was my pleasure getting to know and love Brad as I got to know and love Kyle (different kinds of love for sure). As long as I have known Kyle, I have known Brad but sadly life has taken us on different roads and for the past 9 years we have seen him only a handful of times. The good news though is that when you have a dear friend it doesn't matter how much time or distance is between you - you are always like family and always loved and enjoyed hugely when the chance to reconnect appears!

Brad was married recently and Kyle and I so enjoyed seeing him but were bummed to not be able to get to know his beautiful bride - considering a wedding is not the best place to really get to know someone (especially the bride). But we were lucky enough that she too wished she could have had some more time with us and planned a trip out here in early June so we could catch up on a long life of not knowing eachother. We had a blast. Kyle and Brad didn't understand how Lindsey and I had so much to talk about while they could barely hold a serious conversation. Lindsey, you are welcome back anytime... even though your non dairy, non cayanne ways are so difficult to deal with!

Oh and the kids have always called him Uncle Brad even though only Adia had ever really met him. But when she was little and he was around more that is what Kyle referred to him as and somehow after all this time it stuck. The kids were so excited to meet the goofy uncle they had heard so much about and from the moment he walked in our door they wouldn't leave him alone. In fact we had to apologize on several occasions because one kid got her name wrong and one kid said "thank you God that Uncle Brad is here and ummm, whats her name mom, Oh yeah, Lindsey" during prayer. Good thing she is a sweetie and has a great sense of humor.

Okay enough babbling... here are some pictures...

here the kids are crowding them asking "what do you want to see next"

Volleyball is a must...
Uncle Brad doing a talent show...
Kenyon's performance for the show

Before our quick trip down the river...

Adia practicing being a guide.
teaching us to skip a rock

And here are a few from the old days...

Brad's amazing toast/speech he gave at our wedding.

Kyle and Brad doing tricky dance moves at our reception

Here is how he showed up to our rehersal

And thats it... THANK YOU SO MUCH Brad and Lindsey for such a fun weekend. We really enjoyed our time together and hope it isn't too long before we can all be together again. Although it would be good if you had a kid in tow too so we weren't the only ones slowing everything down!