Monday, May 24, 2010

Avery's 1st Piano Recital

Sunday Avery had her 1st ever piano recital and she did GREAT! Her teacher likes to plan them at homes for the elderly so the students learn to bless others with their gifts and what a blessing it was! It was kind of an intimidating crowd but when Avery stood up to introduce herself she spoke loud and clear and I couldn't have been more proud of her.

The audience
You will notice in the picture below I numbered 2 of the ladies. Here is why.... when the first boy went up to announce himself lady #1 was shaking her program and it was making a crinkling sound. Lady #2 told the boy to stop then tells #1 "You need to stop doing that. You are making too much noise and we can't hear him. Stop doing it!" #2 then starts shaking her paper more loudly while the boy then proceeds to play his music. #2 is getting really frustrated and trying to stop the boy again. Finally a nurse sat between them and took #1's program from her. Of course #1 wouldn't be defeated so she started knocking her fists on the table. It was so funny! The nurse had to sit between them the rest of the time and kept stoping #1 from her noisy ideas.

I love that she sat like such a lady while playing!
She played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
& Old McDonald Had a Farm.

And here she is with her amazing teacher whom we are so blessed to have found! She usually does lessons out of her home but because of my large family she has come to our home weekly.
She was very proud of her music achievement award!

And these 2 didn't like all the pictures being taken of Avery so I had to snap this as well!

Side note...
I didn't just tear up when she was playing... I kind of was totally crying and was very embarassed. I am getting really sick of my unability to control that. I thought with Adia maybe all the tears were because she was my first and I knew I would do better the second time around - but I was so wrong. If anything I am worse as I realize how quickly these times will pass. I know I have way too much anxiety as a mom. But this is the most important job ever and I am so ill-equiped to do it! My latest goal with God is to learn to trust Him more and believe His word when it says how he is made known more through our weaknesses than our strengths. Also I have to trust that he cares more about the futures of my children than I do and as long as Kyle and I continue to seek Him as we train these kids up God will guide our paths and make up for our many many weaknesses while raising kids. This whole motherhood journey brings so much joy but also lately I am sad to admit it brings so much anxiety and worry. You should have seen me at Adia's tournament this weekend. I'm starting to not even enjoy watching. I hate seeing her insecurities out there on the court. Honestly my stomach hurts watching her play and I cannot stand not being able to help her through mistakes anymore and having to watch her learn hard lessons. Even when she does something good I see her take a deep breath and it breaks my heart. I know she has some of my insecurities and I feel like I failed her for not coaching her past them. Why didn't anyone warn me how tough this job is! Anyway, this might not have made too much sense but I needed to vent.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kristen Really Moved Here!!!!

Kristen is one of my best friends ever and has been since high school graduation. We have known eachother our whole lives but our friendship didn't get really strong until our senior year. She is such a great friend and I love that she totally gets me. It's always fun to have a friend who knows your entire story and still loves you the same! Here we are on my wedding day.

Well, when Kyle and I moved out here is when Kristen and her hubby Mike (also part of our graduating class) started telling us they might like to live here someday too. Kyle and I tried not to get our hopes up year after year that we would discuss it. But now the day has finally come and I am so excited to have such a great friend so close by. I'm sure we will have so many good times with our families!!! I feel like a sister lives by me now. :)

Here is a picture of her beautiful new home that has provided lots of fun for Kyle and I as we help her get settled. This is not a great picture because I was taking this for the purpose of showing my dad something.

And here is one of our fun projects we get to do together. She is letting Adia bring up her 2 horses to keep at her house and we are all very excited! Kristen actually loves horses (one of the few things we do NOT have in common) and is going to help Adia train them. Adia's horse Sierra is only 2 and the other one Nevada (names Adia choose not knowing about the beer Sierra Nevada). My dad is bring them June 11th so we are going to start painting and cleaning out this cute tack room thing this weekend. I will show the before and afters later!

Kristen is about a week and a half away from having her 2nd baby. Her daugther Taylor is only 16 months so she is in for a treat. Maybe Cindi or Leah should send her some tips on what that is like! Well, her in-laws threw her a little shower last weekend and I got to bring some decor, cupcakes, favors and games. It turned out great and it was fun meeting all Mike's family. I would have pictures of her with her hubby but he is actually still down South trying to finish up work quickly before the baby pops out (as in she is due on the 30th).

Can you tell she is 38 weeks pregnant?
Here are a few pictures of the fun stuff I got to make!
THANK YOU to my good friend Glory, who is amazing, for teaching me how to make such beautiful cookies.
Anyway, I am just so excited to have Kristen here and wanted to share a bit of the fun we have been having so far. And just for kicks I added this picture of us from our Senior year. This was at JSB (Junior Senior Banquet). And don't tell anyone but Adia was actually in my tummy in this picture. Kristen is on the top right and I'm on the bottom far right.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

9 years and counting

For our Anniversary this year the kids set up a romantic restaurant for us in the family room. Kyle picked enchiladas for dinner so I made that and they served us our dinner at "the restaurant". Before dinner they sent us out for some appetizers with Adison while they set up the final touches. Then when we got home (i mean back to "the restaurant") we waited in the lobby (play room) before the hostess (Avery & Adison) could seat us.

Here is what we walked into.

Lots of fresh picked flowers and petals covered our table.

The table was so cute!

Our waitress let us know about the drinks that were available.

(Kenyon wanted to dress up too)

And her assistant came to help her.

Dinner entertainment was our wedding video that we all had a blast watching. We totally forgot about all the goofballs in our wedding (Jill & Cindi, Adia thought you both were drunk at the reception) and how AMAZING Kyle's sister Leah sounded when she sang at the ceremony.
And Kyle's gifts to me were all over the fireplace adding decor to the room.

This pretty little waitress was super cute and really wanted to join us at our table.
It was a wonderful evening to celebrate 9 wonderful years married to my best friend!
Next year though, for our big 10, I expect a real romantic restaurant in another country (or at least a different state or city)!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dear Mom,

Hope you had a very
Happy Mother's Day Mom!
(i just found this beautiful picture of my mother... not sure how old she is)
You have been an amazing mother and a heroic grandmother!
Our family is SO BLESSED by who you are!
Thank you for teaching me so much by your love, patience (especially with me and dad), hard work and sacrifice for so many years!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Homeschool Convention/Beach Day

After being married to Kyle for 9 years I am starting to figure him out. So when I really want to go to a 2 day conference listening to homeschool speakers and checking out curriculum I have learned to speak his language. "Honey, do you want to go with me to a homeschool conference and then we can go to the beach the next day"? Of course, he said yes. We took classes on teaching children to serve, organization, Essays vs. Reports and so many other great topics. It was a refreshing time for us to rethink why we homeschool and get excited about the upcoming year. Oh and we got to go to El Burros for dinner!

Then the next day Kyle got his day in the sun and we went with both of my sister's families to the beach and had a great time! It was such a treat to be with them. Here are just a few of the many pictures of our day.

Adia has always LOVED the beach!
BFF's Avery and Lauren

Daddy enjoyed trying to teach Kenyon to skim board.

Princess Adison had a great time.

Kaden enjoyed it as long as he was next to me and far from the waves. He is our first kid to not totally LOVE the ocean! Bummer!

This picture was so cute I had to include it but really he had a great time and spent most of the day looking for food. I'm not sure if he ate more sand or food but regardless he loved it!

Lunch Time!

Auntie Tata was so fun and dug a big hole for the kids to play in!

Brookie has gone with me to the beach so many times in her life and she always spends the day wrapped in a towel complaining she is cold. For some reason though each time we go she thinks she is going to like it.

Little Erin belongs in my family. She LOVES the beach and isn't afraid of the water at all.

BFF's Erin and Adison

Hopefully someday these guys will be BFF's too.
DJ & Kenyon both had a great time but totally enjoy different things!

DJ was excited to learn how to "Buggie Board"

and some other cool tricks too.

And of course on our way home we stopped at Pizza my Heart for dinner and a to check out another beach. The kids looked so cute waiting for the pizza!

And this is my BEAUTIFUL Lauren on the way home with us. I snapped this picture in the car because sometimes her beauty catches me so off guard. Wow!