Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kristen Really Moved Here!!!!

Kristen is one of my best friends ever and has been since high school graduation. We have known eachother our whole lives but our friendship didn't get really strong until our senior year. She is such a great friend and I love that she totally gets me. It's always fun to have a friend who knows your entire story and still loves you the same! Here we are on my wedding day.

Well, when Kyle and I moved out here is when Kristen and her hubby Mike (also part of our graduating class) started telling us they might like to live here someday too. Kyle and I tried not to get our hopes up year after year that we would discuss it. But now the day has finally come and I am so excited to have such a great friend so close by. I'm sure we will have so many good times with our families!!! I feel like a sister lives by me now. :)

Here is a picture of her beautiful new home that has provided lots of fun for Kyle and I as we help her get settled. This is not a great picture because I was taking this for the purpose of showing my dad something.

And here is one of our fun projects we get to do together. She is letting Adia bring up her 2 horses to keep at her house and we are all very excited! Kristen actually loves horses (one of the few things we do NOT have in common) and is going to help Adia train them. Adia's horse Sierra is only 2 and the other one Nevada (names Adia choose not knowing about the beer Sierra Nevada). My dad is bring them June 11th so we are going to start painting and cleaning out this cute tack room thing this weekend. I will show the before and afters later!

Kristen is about a week and a half away from having her 2nd baby. Her daugther Taylor is only 16 months so she is in for a treat. Maybe Cindi or Leah should send her some tips on what that is like! Well, her in-laws threw her a little shower last weekend and I got to bring some decor, cupcakes, favors and games. It turned out great and it was fun meeting all Mike's family. I would have pictures of her with her hubby but he is actually still down South trying to finish up work quickly before the baby pops out (as in she is due on the 30th).

Can you tell she is 38 weeks pregnant?
Here are a few pictures of the fun stuff I got to make!
THANK YOU to my good friend Glory, who is amazing, for teaching me how to make such beautiful cookies.
Anyway, I am just so excited to have Kristen here and wanted to share a bit of the fun we have been having so far. And just for kicks I added this picture of us from our Senior year. This was at JSB (Junior Senior Banquet). And don't tell anyone but Adia was actually in my tummy in this picture. Kristen is on the top right and I'm on the bottom far right.


The Horners said...

I've seen that dress Kristen is wearing on YOU before :) Glad you will have such a good friend close by.

The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

I was gonna say the same thing, T! It's the dress Amy wore on our little Mexico cruise that year (&ou know, when you got so annoyed at everyone for eating "escargo" in front of you?) - good times!!! Welcome Kristen - it's not fair that she should look so stinkin' cute at 38 weeks! Hope we get to see them on the River soon.

Amy and Family said...

seriously??? how did you both remember that. The dress actually belonged to one of my twin friends (Karla) and I was SO EXCITED that it actually fit me. Someday I swear I will wear it again!

Rochelle said...

How fun she is moving here. Maybe she will actually SEE you once in a while.

Gpa Paul said...

If she is that good a friend than she must be family. Welcome Kristen.

The Millers said...

What a great home and so nice that she will be so close by to enjoy horses with Adia. Fun to see her pregnant. She looks adorable as always!

Gina Deceuster said...

I heard a quote recently that I really liked: "We don't have to change friends if we accept the fact that friends change." Or something like that. I'm sure both of you have been through many changes since high school (I know I have). That's awesome that you're still so close.