Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Creation Field Trip

One area of history that Christians and the world seem to be so confused about it creation. When scientist talk about millions & billions of years and carbon dating and so on it can feel very overwhelming and confusing to those of us who take the bible literally and stand firm that when God says he created the world in 6 days - that is actually what He means. I'm not the brightest girl in town either so although I trust God's word and choose to believe it over the ever changing views of scientist I am SO GLAD there are super smart people out there who can scientifically back up the reality of Creation and how it actually can fit into science just fine. Our family has really enjoyed a ministry called Answers in Genesis. We have several of their books and have found so much encouragement from the work they do. So this past weekend when we found out that Ken Ham (one of the founders) would be in San Jose teaching on the subject we had to go. Adia and I sat through 5 classes on things like Dinosaurs and how they fit into a 6,000 year old world, astronomy and creation, defending the Christian Faith biblically and scientifically, one nation- one race and more. We learned so much! There was even one class for Kenyon and Avery to join in on to learn about when Dinosaurs were created, what the fall of man did to them, why they are gone, how they fit on Noahs Ark and more. The kids really enjoyed it and were challenged to trust God's word and never to be swayed by the wisdom of this sin filled world. Of course I didn't take pictures during the conference so I will show you what we did between classes instead. :)

When we drove up to my moms fall entry I remembered why I have always loved holidays and I feel so guilty if I don't have seasonal things in my home. Now, I am pretty sure my sister actually did this for her but regardless she did it for our mom because for so many years my mom did it for us!

And friends remember my dad always planting new flowers and hosing down our cement daily. Our yard was always so clean and pretty. So of course it is no surprise that although he is now enjoying ranch life it is so clean and the entry to his part of the property is beautiful! This is just to the left of the picture above.

Adia really enjoyed giving the kids rides in this but I think she enjoyed it more when they all got out and she could go fast. She always asks us if she can drive our cars and of course the answer is no (except for once or twice from me) and her arguement is that Papa lets her drive these things and his truck. Of course if Papa wants to sign papers saying he will pay for any damage she does to our cars than she is more than welcome to drive ours also.

None of the girls are allowed to stand in the back of these things while they are going but for some reason my dad has decided Kenyon can not only stand while he is driving, Kenyon gets to dance with his hands in the air. And I'm not giong to tell you what I think my dads motives are for that!

Anyway, it was a great little field trip.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Field Trips

Although the weather has still felt very much like summer we did a couple Field Trips recently to ring in the fall!

Fog Willow Pumpkin & Science Farm

After explaining how they sheer a lamb, make yarn, then wool and told us to go home and find something wool we have one of the kids in our group says in a sad tone...

"we don't have sheep so our home won't have any wool"

learning to groom the sheep

Did you know alpaca's wait in line to use the bathroom in one place...

they don't like a messy living environment.

We deal a lot with Hay these days (Oat Hay, Alfalfa and more) but on this trip we learned how they make the straw bales for lining animals cages. I'm always surprised how interesting I find o

Learned about Goats and played with LOTS of themPracticing our poses!

And here is the group we went with. I met one of the moms recently at Awana's and she invited our family to join them. They were all very sweet and we are so glad we went. Adia was there to help me (and get out of doing all her school that day) and she was so embarrassed that the moms wanted her in this picture.

Obviously Kaden had a great time or he would NEVER have fallen asleep over 2 hours before nap time. He's SO CUTE!!!!!

Apple Hill
Denver Dan's Apple Pie Baking Class

The pies turned out great and all the kids had a blast!
The staff was so friendly and the lady who taught the class was AWESOME!

Oh and my kids would be so bothered if I left out there favorite part...

My kids are a bunch of hicks and they can't get enough animals!

And from our home to yours...

yes, there was candy in that dish - hmmm... where did it go? Kaden!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We are getting a bit animal crazy over here.
3 bunnies (one prego)
2 horses
1 guinea pig
1 robo hamster5 kids begging to have a dog but dad keeps saying NO!
(guess which bunny is Miss Piggy)

A day at the river...

Princess Adison

We got to watch 2 of our friends kids and had a great time the first day but the poor kiddos both spent the 2nd day at my house throwing up ALL day. SO sad!
Say cheese Kenyon.

Kyle turned 31!

We went and saw Mr. Despicable, hung out, and finished the night off watching
Karate Kid while eating Adia's homeade pizzas - yummy!

Crazy BOYS! Never use anything how you are supposed to. yes we keep boards, ropes and random tools in the backyard for their creative purposes.

Even our underwear gets used wrong. The pictures are always on the butt so he
ALWAYS puts them on backwards and I can't convince him he's wrong.

Well, this was random but so is my life!

Monday, October 4, 2010

One Lucky Lady!

This past weekend Kyle and I took off early Saturday and stayed out until Sunday around noon. It doesn't seem like that long but while we were gone we enjoyed eachother so much! We laughed, goofed off, cried (well maybe just I cried), prayed, read books and talked through a couple decisions we have been having a hard time with. Every time we go away like this we leave wondering why the heck we wait so long to make it happen again. Honestly I am so lucky to be married to such an awesome guy and spending time together like that reminded me again how much I love him!

Here is the man (after me begging to get a picture of him)
who makes me feel like such a lucky lady so often!

And here is a better view from the hotel room (with the huge parking area cut out of the bottom of it) in far off Sacramento. We used that and gave it a shot to try and get a 4 star hotel at a 3 star price and it worked. We'll have to try that again.

Hopefully tomorrow as we celebrate his Birthday as a family we will be able to capture some more exciting pictures. ;)