Monday, October 4, 2010

One Lucky Lady!

This past weekend Kyle and I took off early Saturday and stayed out until Sunday around noon. It doesn't seem like that long but while we were gone we enjoyed eachother so much! We laughed, goofed off, cried (well maybe just I cried), prayed, read books and talked through a couple decisions we have been having a hard time with. Every time we go away like this we leave wondering why the heck we wait so long to make it happen again. Honestly I am so lucky to be married to such an awesome guy and spending time together like that reminded me again how much I love him!

Here is the man (after me begging to get a picture of him)
who makes me feel like such a lucky lady so often!

And here is a better view from the hotel room (with the huge parking area cut out of the bottom of it) in far off Sacramento. We used that and gave it a shot to try and get a 4 star hotel at a 3 star price and it worked. We'll have to try that again.

Hopefully tomorrow as we celebrate his Birthday as a family we will be able to capture some more exciting pictures. ;)


The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

Yeah, you are a lucky gal, but we think Kyle's pretty lucky, too.

Gpa Paul said...

Getting away "where" doesn't matter. Just get away. Glad it was wonderful

Rochelle said...

So glad you do this now! You are so brave! I remember when you said you would never leave them. Ha Ha!!

Rick and Leah said...

I agree. We think Kyle is pretty lucky too. It's good to have some time with just the 2 of you. Glad you could make it happen! We love priceline!