Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Field Trips

Although the weather has still felt very much like summer we did a couple Field Trips recently to ring in the fall!

Fog Willow Pumpkin & Science Farm

After explaining how they sheer a lamb, make yarn, then wool and told us to go home and find something wool we have one of the kids in our group says in a sad tone...

"we don't have sheep so our home won't have any wool"

learning to groom the sheep

Did you know alpaca's wait in line to use the bathroom in one place...

they don't like a messy living environment.

We deal a lot with Hay these days (Oat Hay, Alfalfa and more) but on this trip we learned how they make the straw bales for lining animals cages. I'm always surprised how interesting I find o

Learned about Goats and played with LOTS of themPracticing our poses!

And here is the group we went with. I met one of the moms recently at Awana's and she invited our family to join them. They were all very sweet and we are so glad we went. Adia was there to help me (and get out of doing all her school that day) and she was so embarrassed that the moms wanted her in this picture.

Obviously Kaden had a great time or he would NEVER have fallen asleep over 2 hours before nap time. He's SO CUTE!!!!!

Apple Hill
Denver Dan's Apple Pie Baking Class

The pies turned out great and all the kids had a blast!
The staff was so friendly and the lady who taught the class was AWESOME!

Oh and my kids would be so bothered if I left out there favorite part...

My kids are a bunch of hicks and they can't get enough animals!

And from our home to yours...

yes, there was candy in that dish - hmmm... where did it go? Kaden!


Chad Fagerland said...

So good to hear from you Amy! What a beautiful family God has blessed you with. We enjoyed looking at the pictures. Pass along our greetings to Kyle. Check out and take a look a my most recent trip to West Africa and my involvement in that part of the world. - Chad

The Millers said...

I love fall and all your adorable children enjoying it! Cute Cute pics! I want to go to Denver? Dan's (was that it) pie baking class. See you very soon!

Rochelle said...

LOVE Fog Willow. So fun to see you doing field trips with all your kiddos! Go Adia being the best helper ever!

The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

Growing up in Bakersfield (sheep farming/Basque community) we got to visit lots of sheering sheds through the years. The Hargis' also had a spinning wheel & loom to process their own yarn...she even dyed the yarn different colors. Glad the Mid-kids had a great time. I want to go to Denver Dan's, too! LOVE Apple Hill & Fog Willow!

Amie said...

Love the pumpkin farm pics. Brayden met the kid of the owners via a tournament baseball league this spring. Can't wait to check it out.

Chubby face, whatever AMY! Love the new hair color...its very pretty.

Gpa Paul said...

Animals and kids just go together. Glad the kiddo's enjoy them so much. Looked like a fun trip.

Rick and Leah said...

What a fun outing. Love the pie's making me hungry. Totally love the decor in your entry ya'll! Who's the hick? :)