Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Creation Field Trip

One area of history that Christians and the world seem to be so confused about it creation. When scientist talk about millions & billions of years and carbon dating and so on it can feel very overwhelming and confusing to those of us who take the bible literally and stand firm that when God says he created the world in 6 days - that is actually what He means. I'm not the brightest girl in town either so although I trust God's word and choose to believe it over the ever changing views of scientist I am SO GLAD there are super smart people out there who can scientifically back up the reality of Creation and how it actually can fit into science just fine. Our family has really enjoyed a ministry called Answers in Genesis. We have several of their books and have found so much encouragement from the work they do. So this past weekend when we found out that Ken Ham (one of the founders) would be in San Jose teaching on the subject we had to go. Adia and I sat through 5 classes on things like Dinosaurs and how they fit into a 6,000 year old world, astronomy and creation, defending the Christian Faith biblically and scientifically, one nation- one race and more. We learned so much! There was even one class for Kenyon and Avery to join in on to learn about when Dinosaurs were created, what the fall of man did to them, why they are gone, how they fit on Noahs Ark and more. The kids really enjoyed it and were challenged to trust God's word and never to be swayed by the wisdom of this sin filled world. Of course I didn't take pictures during the conference so I will show you what we did between classes instead. :)

When we drove up to my moms fall entry I remembered why I have always loved holidays and I feel so guilty if I don't have seasonal things in my home. Now, I am pretty sure my sister actually did this for her but regardless she did it for our mom because for so many years my mom did it for us!

And friends remember my dad always planting new flowers and hosing down our cement daily. Our yard was always so clean and pretty. So of course it is no surprise that although he is now enjoying ranch life it is so clean and the entry to his part of the property is beautiful! This is just to the left of the picture above.

Adia really enjoyed giving the kids rides in this but I think she enjoyed it more when they all got out and she could go fast. She always asks us if she can drive our cars and of course the answer is no (except for once or twice from me) and her arguement is that Papa lets her drive these things and his truck. Of course if Papa wants to sign papers saying he will pay for any damage she does to our cars than she is more than welcome to drive ours also.

None of the girls are allowed to stand in the back of these things while they are going but for some reason my dad has decided Kenyon can not only stand while he is driving, Kenyon gets to dance with his hands in the air. And I'm not giong to tell you what I think my dads motives are for that!

Anyway, it was a great little field trip.


The Horners said...

Hopefully Adia doesn't have your driving "skills"... I have vivid memories of you disobeying many traffic laws! HAHAHAHA!

The Holyoaks said...

Ditto to Terri.

I have listened to lectures on Christianity and Science as well and I find them just as interesting! It would have been really cool to attend that conference!

Amy and Family said...

Whatever you guys... ask Rochelle about how my mad driving skills saved our lives once!

The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

Sounds like you have scored some great field trips! I find comfort in the fact that God is the creator of all things including science & natural laws - I know there is harmony in there somewhere.

Gpa Paul said...

Maybe Crazy Kenyon comes from GPA Howell stock. "mad driving skills" are too soon for Adia. Be safe

Rochelle said...

Can Stacey come decorate my house too? Thanks for saving my life Amy all those years ago. Now I am alive to torture my nieces and nephews. hee hee.

Rick and Leah said...

Cute. Adia is too funny. Smarty pants :)