Monday, January 26, 2009

Go Adia!!!!!!!!!!!

It was such a weird feeling when I drove onto a school campus, this past Saturday, to go to Adia's tournament and I see hundreds of girls in uniform walking around acting cool and looking so grown up. But it got even weirder when I walked into the gym and saw my little girl dressed up like a big kid on a real volleyball team. It seems like it wasn't that long ago and I was the goofy kid on a team making up dumb cheers and lighting up when I did something good. Of course being the cool mom that I am I see her and totally start crying... yes, I am out of control but the fact is Adia looked so cute (actually a bit more like beautiful) and she played awesome! She must have had some good coaching because she seriously worked it out there. Not only is she the youngest and smallest on her team but she is also one of the only kids able to serve over handed and she is a really good passer! Even as a mom I never got how into my basketball life my parents were and how much fun they seemed to have watching me play - now I get it! Oh and when I played basketball my number was 22 and when Kyle played volleyball his number was 10... it took Adia about 2 seconds to decide who's number she wanted. Notice who the cute coach is out there. He was so patient with the girls even though at times they seemed more into cheering for themselves then paying attention to the game. He even got to experience the thrill of a mom reaming him because her daughter didn't get enough playing time. He is always so nice... of course he was super sweet and "understood" how she felt but it's a good thing I wasn't there because I might have had a few not so understanding things to say to her. Yes, I am bugged and I think he did so good and I know his heart and how he hopes to bless these kids and so I felt so bad for him! Anyway... the point is that was so much fun and I am super proud of my awesome Adia and my super sweet and super cute hubby! Check out these pictures...

okay, seriously do they think they are cool or what? Notice my daughter isn't wearing the spandex shorts but I am still in shock seeing so much leg!

How cute is this one???
Way to dig that ball Adia... who by the way just scored her team a point!

Not to brag but this is a picture of an ACE!
Adia is the setter and she commented after the game to her dad "I don't like being the setter because I never get to touch the ball" - clearly the team is still learning since the setter is actually supposed to touch the ball every time.

And here is the team that played so good for their first time... they were so cute. As they lost almost every game of the day they cheered louder than any team saying things like...

"Pink and Black - Pink and Black - Don't mess with the best cause the best don't mess - don't fool with the cool cause the cool don't fool - from the East to the West Folsom is the Best! YEA FOLSOM!!!"

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lots to Celebrate!

We have spent the last month in a season of celebration. Let me share a few (or a lot!) of the reasons we have been celebrating...

Meeting the 2008 Middleton/Carter Babies...
on Kyle's side of the family 6 babies joined the family so of course it was a major photo opp when we got them all together for the first time...

and all the big cousins (on this side) too!

The Birth of Jesus!
Our favorite Advent book...

HIS amazing creation
celebrating with a visit to the monarch butterflies in Santa Cruz...

Cousin DJ's 3rd Birthday!
celebrating at Lazy H House and Ranch

looks like daddy enjoyed the game more then DJ - who didn't understand the concept of somebody else getting a cool prize at HIS party???

A New Year... 2009!
celebrating at Shasta with fun in the dirt/lake, burning leaves, doing puzzles, watching movies and just being together!
Tammy's family was there for a day but as usual they were busy working and went home before the party started... this was just such a cute picture of her girls in our home made bathtubs.
Kaden got to watch from the car and I always feel bad for him because he so wants to do what the big ones are doing... some day little guy!

A successful 1st day back at school
celebrating in the school room with a fun Bible lesson and project. Do you see the little town of Bethlehem the kids made - and then acted out the story with polly pockets.

Adia's 10th Birthday
what says birthday better than sushi at the park for lunch followed by a candlelit dinner at home???

Kenyon's 4th Birthday!
celebrating at Grandma and Grandpa's Park/House...

Brooke's first extended stay with us!
so we partied at the park and so much more...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

We had a great talk last night about what today stands for and I was so touched by my children's responses as to how we can be a voice for justice in the world today. Let me share..

Adia thought some practical ideas were to just pray for those suffering from oppression and also to love them and raise money to support ministries that support them.

Avery thought we should know it isn't fair that we have so much while others do not and that "we should go see the people and if they might die then we should give them a nice pillow and pray and do everything to help them and even give them our food."

Kenyon just kept asking me "is he a real hero like God or is he a movie hero?" We said he is real and his story is true like God but he is just a regular hero like you could be and God is the only real super amazing hero that saves the whole world! I do think it is rather confusing that Martin Luther and Martin Luther King Jr. share part of their name. We kept having to clarify that this guy didn't hammer the paper to the door and that we couldn't play the 99 thesis game. (on a sad note... I actually thought it was the same guy until I was an adult).

Obviously Adison did her best to end our conversations by interrupting ever 2 seconds and Kaden was a good boy and slept while we talked.

Well, if you want to hear a bit of my heart on today and see some cute ideas as to how you might celebrate with your children check out my other blog:
Although I didn't vote for our new president I think today is a pretty special day for our country when it seems the work of Martin Luther has come to a point where the color of our skin is no longer a sign of how successful you can become. Not only is Barack Obama the president of our country but he is arguably the most powerful man in the world! There is reason to rejoice in that whether we agree with his opinions or not. To be honest I worry a ton about the policies he might put in place and strongly disagree with a lot of his values or non values but today I can see hope for many children who never before could really believe they had a chance... wow! What a different twist today has taken.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Seriously... How Cute Is Kenyon?

Okay... could he be any cuter?

This weekend is our last weekend with our 3 year old boy Kenyon... on Tuesday he will be 4 and that is so BIG! Here is how Kenyon, Kyle and Adia said farewell to the baby in Kenyon and inducted him into the "Big Boy Club". Kyle thought he would do good but at lunch when he called I could hear the pride in his voice when I asked how Kenyon was doing and he responded by saying... "I think he's a prodigy". He went on to say that Kenyon just took off and could handle the board very well and he seemed pretty shocked. It was a proud daddy day today! I thought it was really cute that when I asked Kenyon if he wanted to stay and snowboard some more or come home and be with me he asked "well, what are you cooking"... I guess that really is how I have won his heart!

This is Adia's 3rd year on the slopes and she is such a "Betty". Kyle fell in love with me partially due to all our time together (when we should have been at school) on the slopes. Those were some of our best times back then. Now, I think he loves seeing his beautiful blonde daughter tear it up out there. She picked up right where she left off from last season and her confidence out there is gaining. We are very grateful she did not inherit the dare devil attitude both of us had and seems to enjoy it without pushing the limits. We know that is most likely not going to be the case with Kenyon but as you can see he is already in a helmet!
BTW... Avery had no desire to join or Kenyon wouldn't have been allowed to start first. Although once they got home and she heard us talking about Kenyon and we looked at the pictures she has decided to give it a try and wants to go too next time. I think I will have to journey out there as well and see this for myself... 3 boarding babies... how can that be?