Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

We had a great talk last night about what today stands for and I was so touched by my children's responses as to how we can be a voice for justice in the world today. Let me share..

Adia thought some practical ideas were to just pray for those suffering from oppression and also to love them and raise money to support ministries that support them.

Avery thought we should know it isn't fair that we have so much while others do not and that "we should go see the people and if they might die then we should give them a nice pillow and pray and do everything to help them and even give them our food."

Kenyon just kept asking me "is he a real hero like God or is he a movie hero?" We said he is real and his story is true like God but he is just a regular hero like you could be and God is the only real super amazing hero that saves the whole world! I do think it is rather confusing that Martin Luther and Martin Luther King Jr. share part of their name. We kept having to clarify that this guy didn't hammer the paper to the door and that we couldn't play the 99 thesis game. (on a sad note... I actually thought it was the same guy until I was an adult).

Obviously Adison did her best to end our conversations by interrupting ever 2 seconds and Kaden was a good boy and slept while we talked.

Well, if you want to hear a bit of my heart on today and see some cute ideas as to how you might celebrate with your children check out my other blog:
Although I didn't vote for our new president I think today is a pretty special day for our country when it seems the work of Martin Luther has come to a point where the color of our skin is no longer a sign of how successful you can become. Not only is Barack Obama the president of our country but he is arguably the most powerful man in the world! There is reason to rejoice in that whether we agree with his opinions or not. To be honest I worry a ton about the policies he might put in place and strongly disagree with a lot of his values or non values but today I can see hope for many children who never before could really believe they had a chance... wow! What a different twist today has taken.


The Holyoaks said...

Cute post, Amy!

The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

Emotional AND Patriotic...that's when you now you're getting older! Great post- loved your diversity stuff on Honor Him Always, too.

The McGraths said...

You have some cute kids who say cute things! So I wanna see the BMX birthday. Dad was telling me about how he was going back to the river to help Kyle build a dirt bike track. Was it a success?