Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Good and Perfect Gift!

Okay, so Adia turned 10 yesterday and I wanted to share with you a bit of my thoughts. But I am emotional just thinking about how to express my feelings so I am going to share a poem I wrote on her 3rd birthday that I probably rings more true now than ever...

Beautiful child your face is so pure.
You make me strive for the best.
I long to lead you to happiness
in the Father’s arms where you might rest.

Your smiles and laughter make my days.
Oh how your tears break my heart.
I’ve fallen in love so completely with you
It’s amazing that this is just the start.

I look at you and your beauty
completely on the inside and out
And then I catch a glimpse of true love
and almost understand what God’s all about.

God has blessed me deeply with you.
Oh the sunshine you bring to my life.
He has taught me so much with and through you
and even given me the chance to be my true loves wife.

I love you so much sweet baby girl.
You are a perfect treasure I do not deserve!
I promise you for the rest of my life
I will always be here to love you and to serve.

Happy Birthday Adia!
I Love You!

Well, that didn't help me avoid the emotions. Oh well. Thank you all for loving my little girl and being the special person you are in her life! Pray with us that God's strength will continue to make up for our weaknesses when raising her and that God will continue to draw her heart to His. If you want a good cry listen to the song I added and think about your little blessings. I want you to know if you are a mom in my life (not my mom just a mom) that I pray for you too. What a privelage to be entrusted with our children's lives and heart and I pray that we all find much joy in raising them... even though I know it can be so hard at times.


The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

AMEN... times 10! Happy Birthday Adia - you have brought such joy into our family, leading the way for 19 cousins (not to mention all your Howell cousins)! Great Poem Amy...thank you for your part in bringing this treasure into our lives, too. We love you guys.

The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

PS - Nice NEW look with the blog. Great family pic & banner at the top. I love it!

Winnie said...

Happy Birthday,Adia.
There were so many warm things happened during the beginning of the new year,and make me feel much strong and brave.What a superb new blog!

Gina Deceuster said...

That's beautiful Amy, your poem and your daughter. There are tears in my eyes.