Saturday, December 20, 2008

Baby Problems

Do you think God ever laughs at us? I'm beginning to think Kaden is God's way of entertaining Himself. I was just thinking about the fact that my baby has the coordination of a one year old and the brains of a 7 month old boy and how that is so not a good combination! There is a reason why babies are not supposed to be so physically able. This is not the worst of situations Kaden's coordination has got him into (or even close) but Adia snapped these pictures last week and they gave me a giggle tonight so I thought I would share.

Yes, he needs his diaper changed and I don't remember the day or time of this picture but it is quite possible that so does Adison, Kenyon has a bloody nose, Adia needs help with school, Kyle is expecting a nice dinner in 30 minutes and Adison is having a tantrum on the floor due to the fact that I said "no" or I guess I could be on the phone with Stacey (my sister) and just haven't noticed. You pick... either option is very likely to be the cause of the way too full diaper. Oops!


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Grandma Howell said...

What is it with little ones and dishwashers? I guess its been so long I can't remember. Oh, yeah, I remember now they didn't have them when I was little. These little pictures are just a sign of the times for you and with Kenyon's influence only God knows what's in store for you. Scarrrry!!!! But you still gotta love'm.