Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy to Homeschool

3rd grade curriculum... $800.00
Pre-school curriculum (that we don't use)... $500.00
Tylenol for all the headaches related to school... $15.00
Homeschool Moments like below... PRICELESS

This next picture is of my class at co-op. Co-op is every Friday with about 60 homeschool kids and thier families. We break them into school age groups and the moms take turns teaching different classes. It's a lot of fun for the kids and the moms get to enjoy time together to share ideas and encouragement. This semester I am teaching on holiday history and traditions. It has been a lot of fun and I love my class! Adia also has a nutrition and food science class this semester. That mom used to be a nutritionist and has taught the kids a lot of great stuff.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Teeter Totters are Fun!

With only 4 kids in the house and a medium amount of noise (kind of) we figured we should add something that would add a little more chaos...and it worked. Adia can not go on this without a really loud giggle, Avery and Kenyon have to scream and Adison has to have a tantrum when she either a. wants to be done or b. you tell her she is done and she disagrees. Mark my words, someone is going to brake a bone this year! So far we have only had minor injuries but the kids are getting more and more creative as to what you can do with this thing. I say a broken bone will be worth it because Teeter Totters are so FUN!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Babysitter From Heaven!

This is a glimpse of my wonderful babysitter with my kids. Her name is "Ms. Sarah" and our whole family loves her! She came on Wednesday with a cute project for the kids and they all had so much fun. She is always full of life and energyand words of encouragement for everyone. Today she called me to say that when she added her hours it was way more than normal and she wasn't comfortable accepting that much money. I apologized for working her so much and she said "how about when I work more than 8 hours in a day we consider it volunteering and the days you had me take the kids to co-op we don't count because well it just cost you too much and I enjoy it." I told her that she is worth every penny and we are so blessed to have her but she was still uncomfortable with us spending too much on her so she said she would recalculate in the "volunteer hours" and send me what I owe her later. This girl is an angel. At 18 years of age she is living her life for God in every since and I am amazed at how much I trust her. She answers Adia's questions better than myself sometimes. Okay I could go on forever but really I have a babysitter/nanny from heaven and I couldn't be more thankful!