Friday, August 27, 2010

Miller Fun

We were so lucky to have a very last minute visit from my sister Stacey, her hubby Daryn and their two precious boys. The trip consisted of a double date night (FAVORITE PART FOR ME), games, horses, curriculum help, girsl night out, rescue missions, daddy/uncle waterfall adventures, cupcakes, BBQ, swimming, great talks and more. THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming guys! We love you and had a great time! But, since I am short on time I will just show the picture we took as they were getting ready to walk out the door.
Avery, Gavin, Kenyon, Adison, Adia, Kaden and DJ!
Now, off we go to see more cousins we haven't seen in a while and we even get to meet a new one today. Yay for baby Roman our newest & hugest cousin (born weighing 11lbs 8oz!). Pictures with the Middleton cousins coming soon...


Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Camp Cooks

Our church high school summer camp was this past weekend and somehow Kyle and I got invited (I mean suckered into) to come cook for all 70 of the people there. At first i was really looking forward to the cooking part but soon after realized it was at a camp ground and I don't do well at camp grounds. I fretted and stressed so much about this darn trip. Adia and Avery were out of town so all the shopping was done with just my 2,3 and 5 year olds with me. Yes, that means filling 2 flats at Costco or Sams per trip the few days leading up to the trip all on my own with the little monsters I call kids.

Anyway... the whole point of this post is that it actually turned out to be fun! I'm so happy to see that God is truly changing me and helping me become more of the person He made me to be. Our family made a great team, the food turned out good and we even squeezed in a bit of time for some fun! Plus, we got to know a lot of our church family that we had never met and we gained some respect for our crazy friend the Bri-guy for his super tough job!

Durning the cooking times I was usually too busy to pull out my camera so the pictures make this look like a vacation... let me assure you there was much more cooking and cleaning than playing. But here are a few of the pictures I got.

Here is where we did our cooking... this was our site.

Each meal we would set up a buffet line on the groups site and the OTS (opportunity to serve) team would serve the food, return the dishes and help us clean.

We ate as a family usually at our own site.

A couple times we got to sneak out on a boat with the kids while the students were doing devotions or early in the morning. Princess Adison showed her true princess colors the whole trip. The wind in her face "bothers my hair", "i don't like being so dirty all day and not being clean", "next time can you call Aunt Stacey and she can watch me"... Avery on the other hand LOVED it!

Although Adia hasn't been on a wakeboard in over a year she picked up right where she left off and by the end of the trip was catching some great air!

Kaden never went on the boats but he LOVED hanging out on the beach. Each morning he would get very upset if I din't put his swim shorts on right away.

And here is the Princess the morning after her fall on the fire pit... it was so scary! She was literally walking right next to me, triped over nothing and fell. It was really late and I saw a black line on her face so I wiped it but she was only crying about her finger so we were icing that. When she woke up we saw the damage on her face and felt so bad.

Two days after the fall it seems to be healing. ANd now it looks a lot better but I'm afraid there will for sure be a scar.
And that is it! I think I might be growing up!