Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lots to Celebrate!

We have spent the last month in a season of celebration. Let me share a few (or a lot!) of the reasons we have been celebrating...

Meeting the 2008 Middleton/Carter Babies...
on Kyle's side of the family 6 babies joined the family so of course it was a major photo opp when we got them all together for the first time...

and all the big cousins (on this side) too!

The Birth of Jesus!
Our favorite Advent book...

HIS amazing creation
celebrating with a visit to the monarch butterflies in Santa Cruz...

Cousin DJ's 3rd Birthday!
celebrating at Lazy H House and Ranch

looks like daddy enjoyed the game more then DJ - who didn't understand the concept of somebody else getting a cool prize at HIS party???

A New Year... 2009!
celebrating at Shasta with fun in the dirt/lake, burning leaves, doing puzzles, watching movies and just being together!
Tammy's family was there for a day but as usual they were busy working and went home before the party started... this was just such a cute picture of her girls in our home made bathtubs.
Kaden got to watch from the car and I always feel bad for him because he so wants to do what the big ones are doing... some day little guy!

A successful 1st day back at school
celebrating in the school room with a fun Bible lesson and project. Do you see the little town of Bethlehem the kids made - and then acted out the story with polly pockets.

Adia's 10th Birthday
what says birthday better than sushi at the park for lunch followed by a candlelit dinner at home???

Kenyon's 4th Birthday!
celebrating at Grandma and Grandpa's Park/House...

Brooke's first extended stay with us!
so we partied at the park and so much more...


The McGraths said...

Looks like fun! One of these days I will be there for one of your parties. They look like fun! And expensive! HAHAHAHA, I thought Kyle might enjoy that one. :) Your babies are growing up!

Dacia said...

We wish we lived closer and could come and join in on all the fun!