Friday, January 9, 2009

Don't Shake the Baby!

We've heard the whole "don't shake the baby" thing and as I watch Kyle playing with our little guy (8 months) I wonder... is "don't throw the baby" a rule too?

And we wonder why he is such a SPAZ!!! Below are a couple pictures from our trip to the beach over Christmas. Yes, it was cold! No, Kaden didn't care. And yes, he and all our kids had such a GREAT time! We did get a few observers wondering what this infant was doing half naked, with sand coming out his mouth and his diaper full of water (yes, that is water not pee) as he walked down the beach... well they didn't say that but they did point and ask how old he is. You will notice the dot of sand on his forehead from colapsing at the waist from excitement and hitting his head on the beach over and over. He LOVED every minute of it though and only cried when he would finally make it to the edge of the water and we picked him up and ran him back up the beach where he would go as fast as he could to get back. Poor little guy... someday he will be allowed to seek the thrills he so longs for. Until then I am in charge and i say I'm nice for allowing what I did.

click on the one below this to see his precious foot prints and a close up of the sandy face... so cute!

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