Wednesday, May 12, 2010

9 years and counting

For our Anniversary this year the kids set up a romantic restaurant for us in the family room. Kyle picked enchiladas for dinner so I made that and they served us our dinner at "the restaurant". Before dinner they sent us out for some appetizers with Adison while they set up the final touches. Then when we got home (i mean back to "the restaurant") we waited in the lobby (play room) before the hostess (Avery & Adison) could seat us.

Here is what we walked into.

Lots of fresh picked flowers and petals covered our table.

The table was so cute!

Our waitress let us know about the drinks that were available.

(Kenyon wanted to dress up too)

And her assistant came to help her.

Dinner entertainment was our wedding video that we all had a blast watching. We totally forgot about all the goofballs in our wedding (Jill & Cindi, Adia thought you both were drunk at the reception) and how AMAZING Kyle's sister Leah sounded when she sang at the ceremony.
And Kyle's gifts to me were all over the fireplace adding decor to the room.

This pretty little waitress was super cute and really wanted to join us at our table.
It was a wonderful evening to celebrate 9 wonderful years married to my best friend!
Next year though, for our big 10, I expect a real romantic restaurant in another country (or at least a different state or city)!


Brett said...

Happy Anniversary!

I remember serving dinner like this for my parents when I was little, we were always so proud of ourselves and our 'impeccable' service. Glad to see the kids had so much fun.

The Holyoaks said...

I'm with Brett. I totally remember doing stuff like this when I was little. In fact, the pictures of Adia taking your order totally reminded me of myself. I played the part SO well just like her. Who knows, maybe she has a bright future as a waitress ahead of her!

Congrats on 9 years. I can't believe it.

The McGraths said...

I want to see your video now. Me acting like I'm drunk? That's preposterous!

Happy Anniversary! Kyle needs to take you to a different country for sure!

The Horners said...

Happy Anniversary! They all looks so pretty in their dress ups and Kenyon made me laugh!

Grandma Howell said...

gI must say their decorations were very sweet and simple unlike the what you and your sisters use to do for me. Decorations that took me the rest of the day to take down and clean up (but I must admit I loved the heart put into it). The girls look beautiful and Kenyon never to be out done. Gotta love those kids. Happy Anniversary to my baby girl and her hubby - 10 years where did the time go?

Rebecca said...

Happy Anniversary! I love how Kenyon 'dressed up' too. Nice touch. =)

The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

How FUN!!! Super cute post! (BTW - I highly recommend a nice restaurant in another country for your 10th.) Happy 9th - glad you finally agreed to become a member of our crazy family. love you all...

Rochelle said...

How fun! I love Kenyon's dress up outfit! Happy Anniversary!

The Millers said...

Aaaah, what sweet little kids you have had over these 9 years!