Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Homeschool Convention/Beach Day

After being married to Kyle for 9 years I am starting to figure him out. So when I really want to go to a 2 day conference listening to homeschool speakers and checking out curriculum I have learned to speak his language. "Honey, do you want to go with me to a homeschool conference and then we can go to the beach the next day"? Of course, he said yes. We took classes on teaching children to serve, organization, Essays vs. Reports and so many other great topics. It was a refreshing time for us to rethink why we homeschool and get excited about the upcoming year. Oh and we got to go to El Burros for dinner!

Then the next day Kyle got his day in the sun and we went with both of my sister's families to the beach and had a great time! It was such a treat to be with them. Here are just a few of the many pictures of our day.

Adia has always LOVED the beach!
BFF's Avery and Lauren

Daddy enjoyed trying to teach Kenyon to skim board.

Princess Adison had a great time.

Kaden enjoyed it as long as he was next to me and far from the waves. He is our first kid to not totally LOVE the ocean! Bummer!

This picture was so cute I had to include it but really he had a great time and spent most of the day looking for food. I'm not sure if he ate more sand or food but regardless he loved it!

Lunch Time!

Auntie Tata was so fun and dug a big hole for the kids to play in!

Brookie has gone with me to the beach so many times in her life and she always spends the day wrapped in a towel complaining she is cold. For some reason though each time we go she thinks she is going to like it.

Little Erin belongs in my family. She LOVES the beach and isn't afraid of the water at all.

BFF's Erin and Adison

Hopefully someday these guys will be BFF's too.
DJ & Kenyon both had a great time but totally enjoy different things!

DJ was excited to learn how to "Buggie Board"

and some other cool tricks too.

And of course on our way home we stopped at Pizza my Heart for dinner and a to check out another beach. The kids looked so cute waiting for the pizza!

And this is my BEAUTIFUL Lauren on the way home with us. I snapped this picture in the car because sometimes her beauty catches me so off guard. Wow!


The Holyoaks said...

I haven't been to Santa Cruz in so long. Looks like fun!

jealous said...

Awwwww your (Adia) so luck! And I have to go to school for six hours and you guys are chiling! Weve been wondering were Adia was these last 2 days! Well I'll just have to tell the class about this!

Love your jealous friend: Cassidy

The Horners said...

FUN! I used to not really enjoy the beach but I'd give anything to be able to go whenever I want! That picture of Adison is SO cute!

Oh and El Burro will always remind me of you! I haven't heard of that place in a long time!

Grandma Howell said...

Love all the pictures, you truly captured each of their personalities. I missed tagging along this time.

The Millers said...

Thanks for making it "Daddy friendly!" if you know what I mean. Ah, the kids look so cute, LOVE the ones of Avery and Lauren together. Thanks for taking all the great pics!

The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

Looks like a fun day with all those "Howell Houligans!" Love you guys.

Rochelle said...

Fun beach pics. I need to go soon! Want to come with us in June?