Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Just to clarify the whole "fence training" comment from a couple posts ago....

We were all in the backyard having fun when I realized all 5 of the kids are playing on the play structure and I wanted a picture. My kids all (except Kaden) love having their picture taken and think they can pose photos really well. After the slide picture the big girls climb on the fence and ask me to put Adison up there to take a picture with them. Then, of course, Kenyon jumps up and wants Kaden up there too. So we give in and kyle holds Kaden's hand so we can get a picture. Then, because we are kind of weird and Kenyon really could climb the fence when he was barely 2, I thought it would be funny to have a picture of them up there together.

Kaden was only on the fence for less than a minute - there was no training and it was just for a picture my son really wanted. So yes, we are kind of crazy, but not that crazy!

And if you want to know why I am doing this it is because my retarded sister really believed that I was putting him up there to teach him how to walk on a fence and she was annoyed with me... come on Stacey! Are we really that bad??? Wait - please don't answer that!


The Millers said...

I'll answer anyway . . . yes, you guys really are that bad so thank you for the clarification!

Gpa Paul said...

So you haven't told Stacy about the 2nd story blindfold roof walking yet???