Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our Soccer Star

Well, soccer season just ended and I must admit I am going to miss watching my little super star in action. I know bragging is rude but honestly Avery improved so much this season and it was so much fun to watch her out there. She works so hard and is a defensive machine! Her coach told me on several occasions how impressed he was by her good attitude, her hard work and her MAD SKILLS (okay, maybe not in those exact words but close). Here are a few pictures of our CHAMP. She is sweet as pie but don't cross her because she has the will to kill and on the field she is CRAZY!!!!

Here is a hug from her 2nd biggest fan at the end of one awesome season.
And of course her teams name was an absolute perfect fit.

Here is her team at the last game of the season.

Oh wait. Did I mention the season was over but she was asked to play on the All Star team?
Well, she was and they played so good and were undefeated!

Way to go Avery!


Grandma Howell said...

Avery is way too cool! She looks like a fierce athlete, totally focused and ready for action. If you have bragging rights then so do I after all she is my grandaughter. Love my little soccer player!!!

The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

Avery is a STAR! So happy to have been able to see her in action this year! We are all so proud of you Avery!

The Millers said...

She is so awesome! You should be bragging! Way to go Avery! We miss you!

Rochelle said...

Go Avery! You must take after your Aunt Rochelle cause I know for a fact your momma was a basketball nut. I wish we had all stars teams for soccer over here... Oh wait, that would extend the soccer season even more. Never mind. :)

Gpa Paul said...

Looks like she is having some fun. We enjoyed watching her games. GO AVERY