Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Johnny Appleseed

In honor of Johnny Appleseed's upcoming birthday our family spent Sunday (after church of course) at Apple Hill. It's a local place where there are tons of apple orchards all close to each other and in the fall they always have tons of activities going on. We usually take a few trips there a year. This past Sunday we visited 5 of the orchards and had a bunch of fun.
Actually to be totally honest I was hot and felt dirty and after the second one I was ready to go home but the kids and the dad insisted we keep going. So here is a bit of what we did...

Our happy family after the long day!
Mom is extra happy because we are on our way back to the car. :)

I wasn't sure what this was but Adia says right away "look at the big emu"... whatever!

Kaden was happy to keep his distance.

Adia and Adison participated in the egg race... Adia got a free carmel apple for 2nd place!
Adison got a bunch of tears for dropping her egg off the spoon. She didn't care that most of the kids did the same thing.
Making apple turnovers... we cooked them at home the next day - so yummy!
Kaden trying to get in on the action.

This guy was taking people for rides on his little cart being pulled by miniature horses. He actually went pretty fast around the turns.
Couldn't pass up the opportunity for cute daddy daughter photos.

So cute... as you can see Avery isn't being as sweet as her brother (notice her open hand).

Daddy and his best buddy looking for fish.

Following the leader.

"Mommy, take my picture."

And here are a few pictures I found as I downloaded my camera...

I thought Kyle would LOVE for me to share them!

This is what little girls do with their little brothers when they are bored... Avery and Adia think these are SO FUNNY!

Kenyon looks like he might just have a future career in modeling in the other pictures for his nice poses in a girls bra and scrap fabric... but after posting them I realized if you blow it up there is a bit of boy parts showing so I needed to remove it. If you got lucky enough to see his great pose - oops!


The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

FUN! I love Apple Hill...for the record, we've got pics of Kyle with cute bows in his hair, compliments of his sisters.

The Holyoaks said...

Love all these pics!!!

The Horners! said...

I've never been to Apple Hill. Looks like lots of fun! Tell your kids to stop growing please. They are all so cute!

Oh and Liv has the same dress as Avery.

The Millers said...

Aaaah, soooo cute! Poor Kaden just tryinig to do what the big kids are doing . . . hang in there little guy! Love the "take my picture mom!" pose from Adison. The kids are getter cuter by the minute. I miss them!

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Anonymous said...

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