Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Tree Party

Recently we visisted a homeschool program that our family is joining in January. It is an AMAZING program that I will share more about later. For now you get to know that each time the kids meet there they each do a short presentation in front of their class to practice their public speaking skills. Well, since my kids were new they got interviewed in front of the classes they were in. Adia and Kenyon's teachers both asked them about the upcoming holidays and what traditions they most look forward to. I thought it was so cute that both of them talked about our annual Christmas Tree Party. I didn't get to hear Adia's answer but her teacher told me how neat it sounded later. Kyle and I sat in on Kenyons and heard him tell the kids all about the ornament we pick out for them and how it has to be something special about them and that we get to sleep in the room with our new tree. It was a sweet reminder that these traditions really are special to them and worth the effort it takes to make them happen.

So here are some pictures of this years Tree Party with my tutorial on how to make it happen for yourself.

1 - Go get a tree. If it is raining feel free to throw it in the car so your carpets don't get soaked when you get home.

2 - Unwrap your new pajamas, put them on and look very festive while you decorate.

3 - Have 1 new ornament for each kid. It has to be something that very much reminds you about them in that past year. Gather in a circle and let someone open the untaged ornament. We do it this way to add to the excitement of guessing who each one is for. The kids (and Kyle) LOVE it!
...don't forget to charge your camera so you can take pictures of each part of the evening.
...this years ornaments were as follows:
Adia - Volleyball
Avery - Kitty cat
Kenyon - Micheal Jackson (don't ask me - talk to his dad!)
Adison - Strawberry Shortcake
Kaden - Buzz Lightyear
4 - Have hot cocoa and donuts while mom gets the lights on the tree.
5- Put a Christmas movie (The Nativity was this years choice) on for dad so he will stay in the room and be part of the fun.
6- Let the kids help put all the ornaments on (even though it looks CRAZY when they are done).
... this part is so special because as each ornament comes out of the box you hear the kids talking about old memories. Things like how Avery used to LOVE Veggie Tales and say Bob all day every day. Or how Adia was such a great big sister to each of the kids. Or Kenyon's first Christmas and how chubby he already was.
7 - Enjoy your time together, talk about the Birthday Boy a lot, cuddle with each child and be sure to cherish every moment. I have been told that sooner than we would like I might have an empty house - can't imagine but neither could any of the people who told me it happened to them.


Shantel said...

That looks so fun!! I love Christmas traditions. Especially when they involve pajamas and hot chocolate!

The Holyoaks said...

Kyle is such a bum. Looks like a fun party! We had one too but yours is much more entertaining. :)

The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

I love your ornament tradition! I also love your gold, frankincense, & myrrh gift idea - gives meaning to the gifts. It does feel good to know they enjoy the memories you try to create, huh?

The Horners said...

It blows me away how old Adia and Avery are getting! Love the matching jammies! We'll have to start that tradition next year!

Rochelle said...

CRACKS me up that you have the same problem I do keeping your husband in the room. This year was SUPER fast as 3 big kids did all the ornaments and Brent did the Star on top. I too love hearing their comments as they get out ornaments they made or are special to them and have so much fun.

The Millers said...

So cute!!! I love all the pictures. What a fun night!

Rick and Leah said...

Such a cute idea, as usual :) We've started a couple traditions like what you've done, but I love that you make it a big party! We'll probably adopt the idea in a couple more years when the kids are older. Thanks for sharing!

Gpa Paul said...

Love traditions. Your ornament idea is great. Keep those things up as many years from now when the house is empty you and their memories will keep you warm.