Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Friday the 13th - SCARY!!!

Well, it's kind of scary that as of January 13th - Kenyon Kyle is now 7 years old!
Time is flying!

Kenyon got to go to bed for the last time as a 6 year old in our bed. Him and I woke up extra early to sneak out and get a birthday donut for his special day! He was so excited!

As usual the kids get a birthday date with mom and dad. This year Kenyon asked me if Grandpa could take my place since it is his special day also. I was kind of bummed but gave in since I knew both Grandpa and
him would love it!

Grandma Jenny and I waited at the house while they went to Casa Ramos. Aunt Rochelle's family showed up just before they came home also and we all had a fun pirate themed little shin-dig to celebrate both Grandpa and Kenyon.

A few days later we were in San Jose for another volleyball tournament and my family got to get in on the birthday action as well. Papa didn't even know we had gone with a pirate theme over here and he had Pirate balloons and everything. My dad was so proud of himself for picking out the perfect party decor for Kenyon!

Some facts about our 7 year old.

- Kenyon, at 7, is just a bit taller than both of his older sisters were at 8.

- He LOVES Legos and I buy him lots of them because every new set is a few hours off of him being loud and crazy in my home. I can't believe how long they can keep him quiet and focused!

- He is still in his first year of wrestling and has done so well! It might
be the perfect sport for him since he doesn't have to focus for too long and he is really strong!

- Kenyon is crazy and wild and does dumb boy things all the time but he is also the SWEETEST little guy with the SWEETEST HEART! He has asked me to pray with him many times and I sense a true spirit of repentance from him over his many "sad choices", he loves on his little brother so well and has SO MUCH patience with him and he is always in need of cuddle time with mom (or at least he knows I need it from him) and those moments when he doesn't stink I LOVE every second of him on my lap.

- He has done so well with our first 2 Safe family kids and has loved on both of them a ton! Both times he was so excited to have a baby to help care for and both times he was truly sad to say goodbye. It melts my heart the way he lights up over little ones.

- Kenyon loves drama and always volunteers to be in the skits at church. From what we hear he is pretty good too! Of course being the center of attention is what he lives for so it shouldn't be a surprise. We are considering letting him be in a production soon
- He also loves to sing and often I hear him singing worship songs with kaden in their room after lights are out. I never once have made them be quiet when that is the noise i hear. He also makes up his own worship songs all the time. Unfortunately he has not quite found his voice... it's so funny to hear him try to sound good.

- Kenyon and dad are still the best of buddies and i think they always will be since they might be the only people that truly understand the other. Kenyon is lucky to have a dad who LOVES him as much as Kyle loves on him.

- Kenyon is more vein than any of my girls have ever been. Recently one of Avery's friends came over in new jeans and I hear my son say "I love your jeans. Where did you get those?" It cracked me up. I guess Uncle Jr. has had some influence in his life after all! For his birthday his top request was to go to a real salon to get a mohawk. I took him to one and he loved it. On the way home he asked me to buy him the kind of gel that lady in their had used. I said "no way, it's like $20" to which he replied "but mom it goes on so smooth."

- The dentist recently told me Kenyon's teeth are the WORST in the family! It's looking like 5 out of 5 will need braces!

- Kenyon is a true hero! His little brother ADORES him in a scary and sweet kind of way! Recently for discussion box (our dinner questions) the kids were asked if something scary was happening who would they want with them to make them feel safe. Everyone choose dad except Kaden who choose Kenyon. So cute!

Kyle and I are so grateful to have the privilege of having a son named Kenyon. He has brought so much joy to our lives since the moment we found out he was coming. In fact, he is the only baby that when I met him face to face for the first time I laughed (rather than cried). So happy birthday to our sweet, crazy, dirty, fun, funny, handsome, amazing and super son!


The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

Great post (& tribute) to a super seven year old! We love you Kenyon!

The Millers said...

What a super fun and wild kid you have! He is one in a billion for sure! I'm glad DJ has exposure to a boy like Kenyon. :) We love you sweet crazy boy.

The Holyoaks said...

What a cute kid! We love him so much. Happy Birthday Kenyon!

Gpa Paul said...

I love that boy. He is so fun and happy all the time. I have never not thoroughly enjoyed every minute with him. Glad we can share our day.