Sunday, February 17, 2008

February Fun (this is long... sorry)

Avery's latest obsession is finding hidden picture books. She started with some Highlight magazines which prooved to be way too easy for her and has now finished all the I Spy books and 2 Where's Waldo's. I love this picture because she fell asleep doing her favorite thing and she happens to be wearing her favorite color.

This one is of Kenyon doing one of his favorite things... oh the joy of being a boy! I thought it would be easy to remove his hand after the picture but I was wrong. I'll save this for future blackmail.

This is what happens when you don't come the first time your son says "mom, I need your help". I guess Adison was really jealous of Kenyon's bath and she just couldn't wait to get her clothes off.

Getting ready for Valentine's Day. Anything with paint is always a hit!

Adison enjoying the park. She is way too cute huh?

Waiting for dad to get out of the shower so they can open the Valentine's Day gift from us.

Leaving for our Party at the park.

We had a wonderful candle lit family dinner made with love for Daddy on Vday! We all had to go around the table and say one thing we love about each person it was tons of fun and really cute to hear what the kids had to say. The kids enjoyed having sparkling cider (or "spicy" as Avery calls it) and homemade lava cakes for dessert.

Here is our newest toy (a late gift for Adia made for ages 8 and up). It looks innocent but this thing goes 10mph and is an accident waiting to happen. The funniest thing is that Kenyon is way too young for this and his hand isn't even big enough to reach the brake. He is also too light and everytime he takes off the thing does a wheelie. I haven't decided if it is funnier watching Kenyon on it or watching Kyle trying to catch him and keep him safe.


The McGraths said...

so fun! Addison looks so different. It took me a second to figure out who that cute baby was in the tub with Kenyon. I guess it's just because I wasn't expecting her to be so big! looks like you had a great Valentine's Day!

The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

Great Pix! The pic of Kenyon "sleeping" reminded me of Ty - (sorry Ty, but boys will be boys!)LOL - What a great Valentine's Day! Good job!

The Holyoaks said...

I agree with Cindi - Addison is really starting to look grown-up! I guess she'll be a big sister soon, right? I LOVE the tub picture. I secretly hope one of my kids does that one day.

The Millers said...

Too cute! So much fun happening in the Middleton home!

Deceusters said...

Love the pic of the kids on the bed. Priceless!

Hailey Howell said...

Hi Aunt Amy!!! your computer must run fast if you can put all those pictures on it without it taking you an hour!!! Hailey

Dacia said...

Thanks for the "long" blog - fun to see the kids!