Sunday, February 10, 2008

Family Fun

We enjoyed a quick visit with my wonderful cousin (more like a brother) OJ and his son Kolton/Trouble. Thanks for stopping by OJ and we look forward to seeing you in July. For those of you wondering where I am in the picture... somehow I was forced to take it instead of being in it. I'm so bummed.

Something New:
This is a picture of Monavie and all the fruits that are in it. Monavie is a juice that OJ's family spends mucho money on for all the amazing health benefits. Kyle already is in love with acai berry and that is the main ingredient. He left Kyle and I a bottle and we will report later if one month of 4oz a day has any noticable benefits for Kyle (I'm letting him have the whole bottle... aren't I nice?).


The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

Knowing how much you LOVE to be in front of the lens, I'm surprised you didn't just stand in the middle of the group (sense we all know that you love to be the center of attention, too!) and refuse to budge until someone else volunteered to snap this shot! BYW, what the heck kinda drink has OJ concocted? What ever happened to good old "OJ?" :)

Rick and Leah said...

Liar, liar pants on fire! I agree with the parentals...we all know you are actually "camera-shy" - to put it nicely. Miss you guys!

The Holyoaks said...

Okay, the whole time I was reading your post, I was like "since when is she bummed she's not in a picture?" It looks like my mom and Leah beat me to the punch.

The McGraths said...

I asked my Father-in-law about that stuff and he told me to tell Kyle to stick with Acai. It's a much better product and not as expensive. He owns the Smoothie King in town and he said if you want the Acai he can get it to you for a good price.