Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oregon Coast - This is really long

On our way to Washington we decided to take the long route and hit a bunch of "famous" sites along the Oregon Coast. The first day in Oregon we went to Medfords Childrens Discovery Museum. I alsmost talked Kyle into not even going into the place it was such a hole in the wall. But we went in and the kids had a great time! Some chemistry group was there and they had all kinds of little experiments for the kids to do. It was lots of fun! Here are some pictures of the rest of our adventure.

Doesn't this look nice and comfy? Here we go...

Our second stop was at a place called Seal Rock. It is home to the "largest sea cave" and you actually take this elevator 200 feet down into a sea cave where there are hundreds of seals

Next we went to some beach famous for something else... i don't remember. But the kids had a blast and did a lot of exploring with dad

We only made one stop like this... oh the joys of being a boy! Kenyon thought this was so fun!

We took a little detour to pass a bunch of beautiful waterfalls and get the kids out of the car for some short but much needed breaks.

This is what they did every night at some hotel along the way. After sitting in the car almost all day we need all the extra help getting energy out!

This is a view from the pool at our favorite hotel along the way! It was so nice and we got a really good deal (I think the girl at the front desk liked Kyle). Our room was on the bottom floor and the kids thought they were in heaven with a door to the beach like that.
Kenyon slept good this night!

This is at some Lava Park in California and we walked through a bunch of lava and even entered a cave.

We made a bunch of other stops too but enough is enough so I will end with that.
I know this was really random but with 5 kids and a husband who likes a warm meal at night I don't have time to make my posts all cute like everyone else. Sorry, hopefully my kids are cute enough to make up for my lack of time spent on this and my sucky camera!


The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

Amy...I'm so proud of you! Look at all the "wilderness" you endured on your side trip to the Oregon Coast! Pretty soon you will be snapping these candids from a tent instead of a hotel room!

The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

They are. Love Grandpa Paul

The Holyoaks said...

All I want to know is if you actually went in the elevator with everyone else to go down and see the seals. I love the pic of the kids by the waterfall. How pretty!

Avery Taylor said...

I didn't go in the elevator at first but then a normal looking lady came out of it and I asked her if it stunk down there and she said it was better smelling than where I was waiting so I went in. Scary!!!! It was really dark in there though so I couldn't take pictures.

The Holyoaks said...

What a trooper.

Rebecca said...

Your children are so beautiful!

The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

When you said, "Oregon Coast - This is really long" Where you talking about your "post" or the "Oregon Coast?" :)

Vanessa said...

Washington beaches are so beautiful but SO SO SO cold! It looks like you guys had a great trip.

Vanessa said...

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