Thursday, October 23, 2008

Good Times!

We love the bike park! Well I wouldn't say I love it but I do love watching the kids and Kyle love it. Here is a few cute shots from our fun Sunday outing! They choose this place over The river, the movies and a nature walk.

View of Bike Park so you get a feel for what they are riding around on.
Kenyon was in trouble (of course) when we got there and this was such a cute shot of him dreaming of being one of the big boys!
Avery may just be our most talented biker... she is crazy fast out there. And LOVES it!
This was our 4th time at the park and Adia finally built up the courage to take on the big hill (followed by the big downhill) and she did great... next time she has to do a jump!
Kenyon was out of trouble and into the park... so fun. He had a flat tire for a month and when he got on his bike he asked dad "why did you shrink my bike"... Kyle explained that he grew and then he came in the house and told me "Mom I grew and so it shrunk my bike"... that is why he is on Avery's big bike.
Here is the beautiful (and fussy) cheerleader! And the most handsome boys in town!

When we got home Kaden decided it was his turn to play and had a splash attack in the tub! He is so CUTE!!!!!!!!!


The Holyoaks said...

Cute pics Amy! I can't believe you have five kids all lined up in a row like that. Thanks for making me feel old!

The McGraths said...

You are right, he is acute baby!(Kaden, not Kyle) Once again you guys have cooler place to take your kids then we have here in "Slow-cala"! I can't believe you have 3 kids that can ride bikes!

The McGraths said...

PS- I don't believe you were there! Your not in any pix!

Rick and Leah said...

What a blast! Love the pics. You guys always find such fun things to do.

Anonymous said...

LOVE naked baby