Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Honor Him Always

Most of you know but some that see this blog may not... I have a HUGE passion for learning creative and fun ways to Honor God in all our holidays, life events and parties. It breaks my heart at times that God is left out of all the fun (even days that are supposedly all about Him) and only included in the churchy stuff. So with that in mind I am creating a resource for families to learn fun ways to incorportate the truth of God's love and his message into our special events. Let's learn together how to Honor Him Always and impress that on our children's hearts. Check out my new Holiday resource... God willing someday this will be a book and a more organized website. Be patient with me and check back in often as I will be adding regularly.

If you have any fun traditions your family does please share with me! Don't forget that God loves a cheerful giver, a fun family, a good host and a great party! Let's not leave Him out!

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