Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fun with Friends

Last weekend we had a nice little trip to San Jose with our friends - The Holcomb Family. My parents were out of town and we took over their crazy ranch and house. It all got planned because the USA mens olympic team was in town to play and Kyle and David decided to make a family vacation out of it to keep the wives on board with the idea. I'm glad they did because it was such a treat to be with friends for an extended time. I will let you all know next time my parents leave town and we can take over again. Oh and if you are wondering why there are 12 kids in the pictures that would be our 5 kids, plus Adia's volleyball friend, plus my 3 nieces who I always get to have in San Jose and the Holcomb's 3 kids... it seriously felt like we were running a camp - especially at meal times.

Of course the kids started our time there visiting all the animals and riding horses. THANK YOU Louisa for helping make that happen! It was so cute when Stevie (Kenyons friend) after seeing the bunnies, goats, pigs, horses, donkeys and more said "I want to go see the giraffes now". Here are just a few of the fun ranch pictures...

Next stop - the pool!

And of course the highlight of the trip - THE BEACH!!! As you can see by the pictures my friend Carolyn is much more fun than me and sat in the freezing water catching crabs with all the kids.

Adia still loves it...
Adison and Erin - how can 2 beautiful girls be such trouble?

Sand baby!
Looking for crabs
Could Lauren get any prettier???

Kenyon and Stevie racing the waves
precious father son shot
Avery my camera loving gifl!
my beautiful neices really need to work on the whole being followed by a camera thing - they did NOT like it!
Yeah for good friends!



The Holyoaks said...

Every time I see a picture of Erin I think it's Adison. They look so much alike to me! Looks like fun. We would love to go to a beach and not have to wear a sweater.

Rebecca said...

Oh so fun! Such cute kids too!