Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Busy Weekend...

Last Friday I helped out taking Adia's class on a field trip. From there I drove to San Jose to drop Adia off, hit a dinner with family and a friend and then came home early the next day with Tammy's girls in tow. Here are some pictures of the fun!

Adia's class visiting an assisted living home. They visit this home once a month and are enjoying getting to know the residents. The served snacks and recited some poetry. They also got to ask the residents what it was like to have lived during the time of segregation and what it was like for them when MLK Jr. was around. Very interesting!

For Adia's birthday she had asked for a trip to San Jose and here she is enjoying the first day of it. How do I have such a hick???

Those of you who have known me since the days I lived in SJ will know the joy I felt at being inside of this restaurant after almost 5 years without it. So was it as good as I remembered? YES! And the company was wonderful as well. And if you are wondering if I have grown out of beans and cheese the answer is no.

Here are Tammy's girls, a friend and my kiddos enjoying some creative time!
It was a fun weekend for sure!


Anonymous said...
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The Holyoaks said...

Looks like fun! Is someone leaving pervy comments? Looks like you deleted one. It wasn't me.

Rochelle said...

5 years without El Burro? How did you manage to go to SJ that many times and never go? My mouth is watering by the way. Thanks a lot.

The McGraths said...

Man, I miss El Burro!

Gpa Paul said...

Surely there is no better way to judge a an eating establishment except by sampling beans and cheese.
Nice trip Adia. Being a Hick is not all that bad.