Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kenyon is 5 - Kyle is alive!

Well, Kenyon turned 5 today and Kyle is alive after taking him and 4 of his best buddies to a movie with no moms in tow. How many dads do you know that would take 5 crazy boys (ages 4-6) to a movie with no help. Kyle is officially my hero!

The Big 5 year old ready to meet up with his friends.

I think this is where Kyle started to realize he was in over his head!

Notice how nicely the boys held hands and walked safely into the theatre. It seems to me that Kyle is in complete control.

Alec, Kenyon, Stevie, Nate and Josh at Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Excited to be outside after sitting through a whole movie.
Safely back at home and ready for pizza. Leave it to a PK (Stevie) to want to say the prayer.

Little boys don't say things like BFF but if they did I think Kenyon and Alec would love the term!
I misplaced the matches so while I went on a hunt to find them I had the boys turn the cake into a fort with kabob sticks. The only problem was Kenyon being able to get close enough to blow out his candle.

The crazy party boys!
Thank you all for the good times... it was a blast!

Thankfully boys don't start out quite so crazy and God gave me a couple months cuddling with the bundle of joy below so I could bond with him and fall completely in love before he started destroying my home and everything in it!
Kenyon Kyle - 1 month
Here is the announcement we sent to tell everyone that God had blessed us with a boy... we had no idea what we were getting into or it might have started with a verse more like Phillipians 4:13


The Holyoaks said...


Grandma Howell said...

Looks like Kenyon had a great birthday hanging with the guys. Cute pics ! Happy 5 yr. Birthday Kenyon!!! We love you even though you are the most energetic overwhelming active scarry little boy we have ever known. YEAH, for mommy and daddy for keeping you alive for your fifth birthday.

McBride Family said...

such a cute little guy! i am glad kyle survived - he is a good dad!

The Horners said...

I remember he was such a mama's boy! Looks like he had a fun birthday and props to KyKy!

The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

Happy Birthday Crazy Kenyon! Daddy points to you KB! I want to know if you took the pics or if Amy followed you around with her camera. If you took the pics, then Double Daddy Points for you!

Gpa Paul said...

"The boys are back in town" Good job dad. Bottom Line, Kyle had fun.

Gina Deceuster said...

Wow-quite a party! And Kyle...that IS impressive!