Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Adia in Action

Here are a few clips of our little SUPER STAR!

She really has matured a lot and her level of play has really been uped a few notches. She is still a solid server as well as a super setter this year too. She works really hard - practicing 3 nights a week and having 2-3 tournaments a month. She also plays open gym weekly with adults and it has all clearly brought her game to the next level. We LOVE watching her.

I really need to get more video of her in action on the court - not just her serves. She is a great setter and #19 is an AWESOME hitter (especially for a 12's team) and it is so fun to watch them work together.

Oh and don't be confused. She couldn't get her number 10 this year (dad's old number) so she converted to mine (#22). I keep getting reminded not to get attached because as soon as she can she is switching back.

Here she gets 2 aces for the game!

You will notice in this one how close she is to my camera. She looks down at Kenyon who is being a goof ball on the floor and it messes her up on the last one. Oh well.

These are clips from thier first tournament playing together. I can't wait to show the newer clips against some great teams. I will work on it at the next one. :)


The Holyoaks said...

I loved watching these! Thank you!!!!!

The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

Oooooooo - gurl got skiiiiills! Can't wait to see her in action LIVE!

Rochelle said...

I wanna play too! She is so awesome!

The Millers said...

Way to go Adia! Can't wait to see one of these games in person.

Gpa Paul said...


The Horners said...

I would LOVE to come to a game! She's so cute!

Rick and Leah said...

My jaw is literally dropped to the floor! Adia is so great. She would totally whoop me any day! Sometimes I secretly wish I played volleyball instead of cheerleading :) Kyle has got to be so proud. Adia - You ROCK!