Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Kenyon & Grandpa

Yesterday, another one of my kids got older. We had a regular school day followed by a fun evening to celebrate his special day.

Here is our birthday tradition of putting our new height on the ruler.
Kenyon is as tall as Avery was the day she turned 7.

After school Kenyon and Kaden helped me make the cupcakes.

When daddy got off work we took him out for a birthday date to Chili's. He was so excited. We were going to see a movie after dinner but he decided he would rather pick a new Lego set that he and dad can build together.

Kenyon shares his special day with Grandpa. When we got home from our date the other birthday boy was at the house (with his lovely bride aka Grandma). Aunt Rochelle and her boys decided to come over too so we could have some other boys at the last minute party.

They opened gifts together...

This was so funny because we had Kenyons face covered to surprise him with his new skateboard. Listen closely in the begining.... then ignore my loud laughing.

Had cupcakes together...

And of course they took pictures together...

Here are the cupcakes I made for our co-op. I saw this when my sister-in-law made them for my niece and thought they were SO CUTE. Mine didn't turn out too bad either.

Happy Birthday Kenyon!

We love you and you truly bring SO MUCH JOY & LAUGHTER to our home - Thank You!

And Happy Birthday Grandpa Paul!

We love you too!


Rochelle said...

So funny even reliving it on video. I love how you have Carson's tantrum at the end when he wanted to open Kenyon's star wars toy too.

The Millers said...

Happy Birthday Kenyon! We love you!
(I really want one of those cupcakes!)

The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

So bummed that I left my purse at home (which has my camera in it!) I just might have to steal these pix - you got some good ones! Thanks for including us in your celebration - G'pa loved it!

Gpa Paul said...

Funniest Video "ever". I love my Bday Buddy

Rick and Leah said...

What a fun idea. Joint birthday celebration! Someday I'll be as creative as you. Love all the decorations and still love the idea with pics in the cupcakes. Cute!