Thursday, April 28, 2011

He is Risen

Not much time to blog lately. We have had 2-4 live-in guests over the past few months and that, on top of my normal life, leaves me a bit strapped for time.

But I couldn't forget to say that we had a wonderful celebration of our RISEN LORD over here. It has been a truly beautiful season of Lent and our family really tried to embrace the whole season and especially holy week. As usual, when we strive to meet God, He finds us and meets us. I can't describe some of the joy we all felt worshiping God together. But we did and I am so grateful for those moments. And I must add that having our friends from Brazil with us, has helped me be so aware of the Kingdom of God, here and now, and just so grateful for God, for having been so gracious to my family in drawing us to him.

Of course, I am only sharing the highlights I want to remember. We are a normal family and had normal and often outbreaks of totally NOT God honoring moments as well. No need to go into details on those though.

Here we are enjoying Easter Cinnamon Rolls and Treats.
My HANDSOME boys before church.

Group Shot! I LOVE it!

Hope you all had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday as well!

I hope to keep the Easter spirit strong around here and have our first family Pentecost celebration in a few weeks.
If you have ever done that and have ideas - pass them on.

Oh and we didn't forget our kids birthdays...
I'm just waiting on some pictures before I share how fun it was.


The Millers said...

Great Pics! So glad you guys enjoyed a great Easter!

Gpa Paul said...

Wonderful thoughtful expression of the most wonderful time of year. And great pics. those boys do actually clean up!!!!!

The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

Glad you were able to find time to celebrate this wonderful Easter Holiday with all you guys have going on! Try to find time to enjoy your Mother's Day, too! <3