Monday, May 2, 2011

Avery's Art Party

She's ready to party!
Due to the fact that we spent a week out of town and arrived the night before the party.
This is what the house looked like before we left for Tahoe.
A close up of the favors.

When the guests starting arriving, I started painting faces.
It was actually really fun for me.

One of my models.

Then an art teacher came and did an art class with the kids.
Avery and her designed the picture ahead of time and they all turned out SO GOOD!

Danielle and Adia even got in on the action.
After that we had dinner and birthday cake!
The girls got "artsy" and decorated cupcakes

We made this fun garland for above the cupcake table.
I really liked how it turned out.
And, of course, there were presents!

Then we puff painted the shirts we wore for the art class.

And lastly we took a fun group shot, said good-bye and then I took a long, much needed nap!

But let's not forget the real birthday.... for both birthday babies!

5 days after Avery's party... We woke up to a Toy Story table full of donuts!
Kaden got most of the attention on the 21st. He thought it was his party day.
Then we had a pretty normal school day and picked up the celebrating again when dad came home from work, I mean, when dad got off the river.

Big Sister worked hard decorating a "Buzz Cake"
- I bought plain chocolate cake and had her fancy it up.

The twins had a great time opening gifts! Avery's favorite was her new Razor 360. Kaden got mostly Toy Story gifts and his favorites seem to be the 2 stuffed Buzz and Woody dolls sent from Aunt Stacey.
Avery thought it was important they sliced the cake together for a photo opp. I LOVE it!

Of course they loved having family join in on the fun. Thanks for stopping by guys and adding to the joy!

Happy 8th Birthday Avery!
Happy 3rd Birthday Kaden!



The Holyoaks said...

Happy Birthday, kiddos! Great job on the parties. They are fun but so exhausting!

Gpa Paul said...

Both were fun birthdays and glad we could be there. Happy birthday, Birthday Buddies.

The Millers said...

CUTE PARTY PICS! (And I actually got to see a glimpse of my sister in one of her family's blog posts -how about that!) :)

Rebecca said...

LOVE the art party!