Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mom CAN Do It!

This all started a couple Mother's Days ago. I had wanted to go to Tahoe to enjoy the day since it was too hot in EDH. I said I'd love to go for a walk with the kids. I was envisioning a cement path (like sidewalk) that goes through the beautiful forested areas with views of the lake. I have since learned those don't exist. Anyway, on the way there we saw signs for Horsetail Falls and Kyle says we should do that hike with the kids. He had heard it was beautiful and leads to a waterfall and it was about a half hour closer than going all the way into Tahoe. I was convinced and we pulled over to start my beautiful Mother's Day walk with the kids. Not long after we started on the very natural trail (meaning dirt, bugs and sticks), just a way past the stinking bathrooms, we arrived at a beautiful rock area with a gorgeous water feature (not sure what nature people would call it). After a good photo opportunity and a near death experience with a small animal on my flip-flop covered foot (and a bit of screaming and a bit of Kyle embarrassed of me) I was done and ready to go home. The kids and Kyle were annoyed because I guess we hadn't really started the trail yet. I insisted it was Mother's Day and I should decide. So with tearful kids and a frustrated husband we drove home silently.

That brings us to the day I conquered the hike. I decided it was a beautiful day, the weather was gorgeous and slightly cool (which I love). I told Kyle I'd like to do that hike again. He kind of laughed and then when he realized I was serious said "let's do it". The kids invited Grandma Jenny, Uncle Ty and Sarah. I wore shoes to protect me from the scary animals found all over the ground and we were off.

Now that it is over, I kind of laugh. It was fun. It was beautiful. I really enjoyed being out in God's amazing creation, with people I love, and would do it again any day - well as long as it was cool outside. Here are some pictures of what I conquered. And before you judge me too hard, know that I have hiked half dome. Did I love it? No. Do I think I might actually enjoy it now? Yep. Well, that is if I could physically do it, but the point is, if I could, I would. Of course, I'm not in the pictures but just know I had to be there to take them.

This picture was taken purely to make Grandpa Paul jealous.

We were a bit surprised but so excited to see patches of snow all over the place.


Feelin' Proud

Sarah, the big sister that all the kids adore!

Love it!

Yes, Kenyon jumped in the freezing water... and yes, that is snow all around.

Aww... brothers are cute!

Adison was amazing out there.
She had a blast and looked gorgeous the whole time.
See, I was there.



Fifecat75 said...

I will definitely check this hike out! And good for you for conquering it:)

The Holyoaks said...

Wow! Good job, Amy. :)

Anonymous said...

I am SO PROUD of you!!! I remember last year i think that was the day you guys ended up at my house? so funny;) Looks like you guys had an amazing time this year! i am so so happy you had fun and way to prove it to your kiddos that their mom ROCKS! xoxo miss you guys!

The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

See CAN be a "wilderness girl" after all! :) Thanks for inviting us, we had a blast!

Chrissie Love said...

LOL Love it! Horsetail Falls is where Jason proposed to me :) It's one of his favorite hikes, and the boys love it too. I'm not fond of snakes, so .... I've been once :D

Gpa Paul said...

It worked, I'm jealous. Beautiful Hike

McBride Family said...

that hike looks beautiful!