Saturday, July 23, 2011

Random Summer Moments

Cooking S'mores at Grandma and Papa's!

We LOVE Gavin!!!!

Swimming in San Jose... all time favorite!!!

We spend lots of time coloring or crafting at this table!

River Baptism! We love celebrating this day with our church family.

The boys did a service project for the girls. They made the cookies and practiced serving others. It was really cute and the girls were thrilled to get a break from school to enjoy their treats. Now, whenever Kaden wants a cookie he asks "can I make cookie for sisters".

Daddy BBQing moms latest recipe... Orange Thai Chicken... 4 out of 7 liked it.
Too much work for those kind of results!

Adia finally gave in and let my dad give Sierra to an amazing program that uses horses, therapeutically, to work with disabled children. It was such a hard decision but she knew Sierra would be great at it. Her only condition was that she gets to have KC and here she is riding her new horse for the first time.

Adia has been having recurring ingrown toenails since the begining of volleyball season. Here she is the day she got half of it removed. She was super tough for the 50 million shots they but in her toe.

River day with Tati and Wellington. The kids sure love these Brazilians!

Adia did this project with the little ones. They LOVED it!

I LOVE that my kids know how to really ware themselves out...

I swear Adia wants to steal this baby from me.

One of the kids new favorites. I freeze a bunch of little toys in a large bowl and they get to use spoons to hammer them out. It gives me, at least, a good 30 minute break. It's been a big hit whenever kids come over too. I usually make a girl block and boys one!

Well, those were random moments but I've been SO BUSY. I'll post Father's Day, Uncle Ty and Aunt Christi's visit, the Grand Canyon and a few other highlights soon... I hope!


The Millers said...

Awesome pics! Love the boys serving the girls cookies . . . way to go teaching the boys young (I don't think girls need as much practice). I'm totally making the ice thing this week glad you shared it, I forgot! Can't wait to see some G.Canyon pics too (hint hint) Love you guys!\

The Millers said...

One more thing . . . Uncle D says thanks for not mentioning him along with the nasty toe pic (he's very sorry!)

McBride Family said...

i LOVE the ice block idea. you are so creative!