Monday, July 25, 2011

Carter Fun

We got lucky to have Uncle Ty and Aunt Christie join us for a week. The kids LOVED having them. While Aunt Christie worked hard for the money, Uncle Ty worked hard keeping my kids happy and even helping me school them. It was awesome! Plus Kyle and I even got a double date with them and I got a few documentaries in with them. I usually have to watch them alone and it was fun having real adult people in my house to learn with. I think they are hooked and are going to want to come watch more soon (just kidding, I actually think they might think my movie choices are a bit odd).

Here is just 1 days worth of fun.... I didn't pull the camera out too much.

Notice who is on top! I love it!
While the little ones played with me and had fun on the kid area, Kenyon and Avery enjoyed time with Uncle Ty doing big kid stuff.

Avery went first on the big inflatable...

Followed by Kenyon
and Uncle Ty.

Then they headed to the other one where Avery didn't know Uncle Ty was waiting to scare her. He really is so fun for the kids and seems like he actually enjoys it, like he's not jut trying to be nice. Look at his sneaky position. :)
We came to watch the big 3 for a bit.
Kenyon was in HEAVEN!!!!
and so was I.

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