Sunday, August 7, 2011


Father's Day was super simple this year but I still wanted it documented on here.

Kyle had asked me to put the camera away for Father's Day but this was one of the few shots I got and I thought it captured some of the joy we all felt celebrating the fact that we have such an amazing dad in this house! The kids all put so much effort into their cards for him and it's getting to the point that no matter how good my ideas are, they seem to have the "perfect" plans already in store for him.

Every Sunday at our church, between services, they put out a table of food and everyone stands around, eating, snacking and chatting. For Father's Day I decided to make a "Donuts for Dad" table and it was a hit! I thought it would be a fun tradition to start and I think the kids agreed. I was busy keeping it stocked so Avery took this picture for me.

Well, that was it. But the simplicity of this post and these pictures do NOT reflect in anyway the feeling we all feel toward Kyle. He truly is an amazing father and I feel beyond blessed to be his partner in raising up our children to know, love and make known our Father in heaven. It's a big and overwhelming job at times but it takes a huge weight off my shoulders to know Kyle and I are in this together. :)

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