Friday, October 26, 2012

Avery's 9th Birthday Party

Avery's 9th birthday party was lots of fun this year!
yes, it was 5 months ago but better late than never is the theme for this blog.

I wasn't up for hosting a party but thought she could really use a special day with some friends so she invited several friends to join us at Steve Wallen Swim School where the kids had been taking lessons.  The kids all had a blast swimming for a bit then a short time of cake, ice cream and gifts.  

Avery really is so good to her "birthday buddy," a term they regularly use around here, and had all her friends sing to both of them.  Kaden was convinced it was his party also.  :)  

Most of the girls are from our old Sacramento CC group.
Avery had the sweetest classmates!

Adison loved swimming around with the big kids.

 The girls mostly swam around freely but we did gather them for a bit for some fun games.  Avery was so happy!  It was precious to see her.  She is a very good friend and always very aware of everyone around her (when there are non family members).

Kaden had such a good time.  We might let him have his first party next year and he says he wants "another swim party."  Don't tell him that in no way was this actually for him.

It means so much to the kids when Grandma and Grandpa make it out to their parties.  

 Here are the twins being crazy! 

Avery was so sweet to "want a party where my friends get gifts too."  So we had each kid bring a used toy, from home, and we did a fun gift exchange.  It was all her idea and everyone left so happy!
She really is such a sweet friend/person!

Of course this was a week before the real BIG day because we were headed to Reno for Adia's volleyball tournament on the actual 21st of April.  That will be next.


Gpa Paul said...

I've always noticed how kind and thoughtful she is of others. Very nice in a modern day kid

The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

Such a fun party! Glad when we get a chance to help celebrate!

mackyton said...

Yay! A pool party! I love pool parties, even I booked one of the Chicago venues last month for my daughter’s birthday. There was a big pool like this and a lot of water activities for the kids. Anyways, it was a lovely blog. God bless her!