Friday, October 26, 2012

Kaden's NEW Bike

Since we were going to be in Reno on his actual birthday after we got home from Avery's party we gave Kaden his gift.  A new bike!  Kaden was convinced he was going to go outside and do tricks on it.  
All the kids were SO excited to see him give it a try and we all knew he would have NO problem getting it going.  It was such a fun day!  He is SUCH an adored little boy and although there are some disadvantages to being the baby there is no comparison on who has the most fans!  This little guy was the star of the show and all 4 big siblings were more than excited for him, willing to help him and totally cheering him on.  It was one of those times that truly melts a moms heart!   I happened to be in the video mood that day so I have lots of footage but not a lot of still shots.  Here is a glimpse into his BIG day!

5th time Kyle got the lucky job!

 Soon after he learned and took a few falls he was looking for a scooter to go on Kenyon's ramp.  The whole doing tricks thing was a bit harder than he expected.   Not sure how he ended up with the Dora scooter in this shot.  He has actually been riding a razor scooter since before he was 2.  I'll never forget the time we were at a volleyball tournament and Kaden was riding his scooter around the school campus between games - he had a bit of a crowd and this dad comes up and asks my permission to film him.  He said it was the coolest thing he had ever seen.  We often forget how weird our boys are until things like that happen and we realize they are oddly coordinated.

Watching Kenyon do this over and over was frustrating him.

Adia got in on the action in her own way.

 The model always chasing down the camera for her oddball poses.

and Kyle who just can't seem to truly grow up.

I wish I had photos of Adison with Kaden on here.  Of all the siblings she is the most motherly to him by far. The videos really captured her constantly trying to help Kaden get going or fix his helmet or whatever he needed.  She was so cute with him!


Gpa Paul said...

Like father, like sons.... They are all crazy coordinated and oblivious to danger.

The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

They are oddly coordinated! He'll be doing craY tricks like his brother before we know it!