Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Party Time!

If you ever need a reason to have a party - call me! I love to celebrate things and find it a fun way to learn things, enjoy eachother and create wonderful memories for family and friends. So in the last week here are the 3 reasons we partied...

Valentine's Day!
We woke up to snow - how fun is that! I tried to wake up all the kids and get them ready early so I get a group shot in it but of course Adison and Avery were feeling sick and that just didn't happen. Here are a few shots of the snow we had. Adia was the only one who seemed to care.

Kaden and Kenyon had matching shirts on and when I told Kenyon what his said he gave me a big hug and told me he loved me. Then at coop a lady asked him if he knew what his shirt said and reflecting on the morning he responded with "it says mommy's little huggie bug" - I thought that was cute!

I organized a homeschool party for the local homeschoolers and even though in the last 2 days I had about 30 more kiddos RSVP, Avery woke up super sick the day of and I was feeling the begining of a sinus infection that morning it seems the party went okay and everyone had a pretty good time - except Avery who slept on this little Dora couch all morning.

Grandma Jenny's Birthday!
In our family it is a real honor to make someones birthday cake. My mom spent 30 years making every cake for each of her kids and grand kids and just lately has slowed down (due to old age I think - love you mom!) but she didn't slow down until she passed on the gift to someone and my little Adia is the lucky new baker. Grandpa Paul gave her the honor of making G'ma Jenny's cake and in the little time we had I think she did a great job (with a bit of help from mom only due to time).
The big cake says Happy Birthday Grandma and it is surrounded by a cupcake for each grandkid that LOVES HER SO MUCH! The little flags say "Adia loves you" "Trevor loves you" and so on until she had one for each cousin. The tiny cupcakes are for the babies under a year. And Leah - I am so sorry but I left Keira and Baby B.'s cupcakes at home - we did not forget you and Grandma was quick to realize we messed up. Please don't tell them.

Presidents Day!
We were so blessed to have some family over to celebrate President's day with us and Grandma Jenny taught us some wonderful and very catchy tunes to learn "What President is on the Penny" and "What President is on the Dollar". Kenyon impressed her with his knowledge of who the 1st, 16th and current president's are. He is turning out to be pretty smart - kind of!
Then we did some fun crafts... log cabins like Lincoln's made out of pretzel sticks and patriotic penny magnets. So fun and so glad Macy, Aunt Nicole, Aunt Jill, Penny and G'ma Jenny were able to join us! Thanks guys!
You can't have a party celebrating birthdays without a birthday cake so we had a cake and instead of singing Happy Birthday, since Kenyon said "mom you said he died" we decided to be patriotic and sing the star spangled banner instead.
Aunt Jill proved to be an outstanding Wii games girl. She was amazing how she was practically perfect at every game she tried. We were all jealous of yet another one of her skills. Macy seems to have her moms genes and was amazing as well.

Watching the grown ups play with the Wii could only keep the girls attention for so long and Macy, being a true princess, was quick to find the girlie toys that hardly get any use in our home.


The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

You win...you are the Party Queen & I am one of your loyal subjects...PARTY ON!

Rick and Leah said...

We'll forgive you this time :) But we are sad we missed the festivities. It looks like it was super fun. You are the Master of Party-Planning.