Friday, February 20, 2009

We did it!

Well, in our almost 8 years of marriage Kyle and I have managed to get away without kids now three times - once for the honeymoon, once for one night when Avery was about 18 months and once a couple weekends ago. I thought I would post the proof since I know that no one believes I really did it. We left our camera home so my sister could capture what she did with the kids (who all did really well - even better than I did) but when we decided to go to Universal Studios we had to buy a disposable so we could show the kids all the cool stuff we saw.

Here we are on the hotel balcony in Newport Beach

This is some dog from Beverly Hills Chihuahua and The Dog Hotel movie - I knew the kids would think this was cool.
Here is when I volunteered Kyle to be in a demonstration of how they make sound effects... he wasn't too happy with me - but I had so much fun watching him.

And here is our favorite picture of us with Kyle's hero!

I'm so lucky that I'm married to my best friend and even without tons of time for just us we are still in love and still very happy to be married to each other. Thanks Kyle for forcing me to go away with just you... I had fun and look forward to our next getaway! I promise next time I won't cry for the first day and a half (but you kind of asked for it by taking me to a total kid place this time).


Gina Deceuster said...

Yay! I'm so proud of you. And that pic of you guys at the hotel makes you look really tan!!

Amy and Family said...
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The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

It IS a modern day miracle & I AM truly proud of are growing up so nicely! :)

The McGraths said...

who did you delete. HAHAHA! I'll keep it clean so I dont get the boot. Glad you got away. and hope that you are charged up for another 8 years! :)

Dacia said...

You guys are wonderful! I am so glad you got to get a small break:) You deserve it and are such a great mom!