Thursday, September 2, 2010

Big Boy - Big Job!

How is it possible I am potty training a baby for the
5th and FINAL time???

I am excited to be done with diapers soon and totally sad that it's getting official that my babies aren't babies anymore. But that is what I am doing so here are some pics. So far we are doing okay on the pee thing - not so great on the poops! Although getting sprayed with the hose is not fun so hopefully that will turn around soon.

It all started with the ring of the door bell. Somehow we all already knew it was for Kaden and we all followed him to the door.

Where he found a present just for him.

It was a Zebra, wearing a pull up, asking Kaden to please help him learn to go potty in the toilet like a big boy so he can wear big boy underwear. (Cute side note: Adison still sleeps with her Potty Piggy that she succesfully potty trained when she was 2) Of course we had to check his pull up right away and the darn Zebra already went poop and pee which cracked Kaden up!
So Kaden taught him how to go in the toilet (with all his siblings help) over the next few hours and soon they were both wearing underwear and going together... I wish I had a picture of the potty chart that both the Zebra and Kaden earned stickers for.

If you are wondering how a Zebra goes potty in the toilet the trick is having a syringe with yellow water and some pepper on hand.

Well, that was 2 days ago and we are still going potty every 20-30 minutes around here. Kaden isn't doing as well as Adison but he is doing good enough and for that I am so glad! He doesn't have accidents but he rarely says he has to go... he just goes when I take him. Here is the Big Boy taking care of business.

Oh and as I am typing this Kaden just came out of his room wearing his brothers boxers telling me he is a princess... not sure why he thinks this or what he is talking about but I had to grab the camera again. (gotta love the rush editing to cover his manhood huh?)

Did I mention I can't wait until the weekend when daddy is here to help me! Oh and being a 5th kid has some major perks... you have never seen such a large cheering crowd for every drop of pee this little boy has... SO CUTE!!!!


The Holyoaks said...

hahahahahahahaha - love that last picture! It seems we are all potty training right now. Funny.

Rochelle said...

WHY did you start this the first week of school? Crazy girl!

Gpa Paul said...

He will love the princess picture in his "football days". thanks to all moms who's desire it is to humiliate their teenage sons, with baby pictures

The Millers said...

Way to go Kaden!!! (I laughed when I read the comments b/c I was wondering the same as Rochelle.)

The Horners said...

Hahahaha! He is so cute. Potty training is the pits in my opinion!

Rick and Leah said...

Ha! That would be funny to have a crowd. Keira started closing the door because she didn't want my help. Love it.